While Chase and now Wells Fargo have said they are supporting  restrictions on financing for coal mining and coal-fired power worldwide, and prohibit project financing for new oil and gas development in the Arctic, including the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.Arctic exploration – the truth is:
this policy will only impact around 1% of Chase’s overall fossil business
It is NOT a “major victory” even with the modifier “there’s much more work to do” attached (and Alaska is already screaming). 

Here’s a full response: https://350seattle.org/2020/02/25/jpmorgan-chase-not-good-enough-try/
Chase will continue to be our focus!  We are beginning to make cracks and headway – more to come!
This Friday, March 6th we’ll be back on the corner – seemingly from shivers to sun hats!
Let’s make it a patchwork quilt of our passions!  We’ll have great music and chants – bring a sign or use one of ours!
Chase Bank in Wenatchee  – corner of Orondo & Mission 1P-2P
We’ll have a meeting at the Wenatchee library upstairs meeting room 2-3:30P – we will continue to meet and determine our action for April 23rd and more.
Can’t make it?  Then do actions by contacting Jamie Dimon’s office – they are in New York – so early Friday or . . .
phone:‭  (212) 270-1111‬ or  email:  jamie.dimon@jpmchase.com
Remember his birthday is Friday, March 13th!  Mail him a wish for his birthday to:
James Dimon. 1185 Park Avenue, New York NY. 10128 or to Jamie Dimon, 144 Sarles Street, Mt. Kisco NY 10549. Or both!!
We hope nationally to deliver 1000 “wishes” to him!!
If the timing of our actions don’t work for you – please REPLY TO ME (Sender, not group) as to what works better!
No promises, but would love to hear from you.
Hope to see you Fridays!!