The human rights crisis at our southern border is powered by a tech giant here in Seattle.

Amazon servers host Palantir, the company that provides “mission-critical technology” that enables ICE to find, detain, and deport immigrants. Amazon also has contracts directly with the Department of Homeland Security for cloud services supporting immigration enforcement. Seattle is a sanctuary city — yet the City and its largest employer are making billions from building the deportation machine that is tearing families apart and keeping kids in cages.

Migrant justice is climate justice. As the climate crisis leads to more extreme storms, droughts, dwindling water supplies and food shortages, people are being forced to leave their homelands to survive. Thousands of these climate migrants are now detained in inhumane conditions at the US border.

It’s time to hold Amazon accountable for profiteering off ICE’s deportation machine.

Join us Monday (which is also Amazon’s “Prime Day”) at as we rally alongside Mijente, La Resistencia, Puget Sound Sage, and others — and deliver a petition with 200,000+ signatures demanding that Amazon break ties with ICE.

What: #NoTech4ICE rally and petition delivery
When: Monday July 15 12-1pm
Where: Amazon Headquarters (meet at 2111 7th Ave Seattle)
Check for updates on the Facebook page.

Can’t make it Monday? Sign the petition and share with your people — we need to send a strong message that hosting a company perpetrating such injustices is NOT okay.

In solidarity,
350 Seattle



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