Heatwaves are breaking records across the world, conditions are getting drier, and another fire season is beginning. Last year, fires raged from the West Coast of the U.S. to the Amazon to the forests of Indonesia, destroying homes and lives. The climate crisis is escalating. Without real climate action, this year and years to come will be worse and worse.

Big banks and insurers are setting us up for another year of devastation all in the name of profits. Their biggest cash grab: tar sands. Tar sands pipelines, like Line 3 and Trans Mountain, violate Indigenous rights, and poison the air, land, and water.

Send a message to the top 10 US bankers and insurers of climate chaos and demand they stop financing and insuring tar sand projects and ALL fossil fuels.

Photo by: Austin Smith / RAN

Big banks and insurers talk a big talk about committing to climate action and caring for communities, but their actions say the opposite. Continuing to finance and insure the construction of pipelines and flow of tar sands wreaks more havoc on the climate and exposes communities to poisonous air, water, and land. Let’s be clear, this is greenwashing.

This November, world leaders will meet at the UN climate conference in Glasgow, Scotland to make commitments to accelerate climate action. We won’t let them greenwash their way through with vague commitments, Jeanne.

As powerful, Indigenous-led resistance to tar sands pipelines rise, we need your help to push the top 10 US bankers and insurers of climate chaos to put an end to tar sands and all fossil fuel expansion for good. That means no more coal plants, tar sands pipelines, or gas terminals, PERIOD.

A liveable and just future is possible as long as we fight for it.

In solidarity,

Ruth Breech
Senior Campaigner
Climate & Energy
Rainforest Action Network



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