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In conventional conversation, activism and medicine sound like two very different endeavors. Activism is all about marching, protesting, civil disobedience, and speaking truth to power. Medicine is all about diagnosis, pharmaceuticals, surgeries, and rehabilitation. In the popular imagination, there’s miles of empty space between the two. At the same time, many people imagine that activism is an inherently stressful, frustrating experience that’s a genuine health-negative.

But what if we’re wrong about all of this? What if activism and health are natural allies? What if activism is actually a powerful pro-health orientation? What if activism–done properly–actually makes the human organism stronger?

Millions–even billions–of people are struggling with psycho-physical afflictions that are often resistant to conventional treatments. If we could build a bridge between these two realities, we might well move the needle on the world. This is precisely what our new on-line course, Activism is Medicine, aims to do. This is a whole-life approach to engagement. Instead of taking issues in isolation or treating activism as a specialty practice for passionate individuals, we aim to normalize activism as a common practice for all people. It’ll help you live a life of relevance, meaning, and effectiveness.

Our course will be presented in four 60-minute segments:

Part 1: Predicament and trajectories – April 8

Part 2: Activism and the body – April 15

Part 3: Martial artistry, strategy, and tactics – April 22

Part 4: Activism as a spiritual practice – April 29

Presented by Frank Forencich, John Hagar, and Jonathan Logan.


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