I wrote the Natural Resource Defense Council to affirm this was appropriate action at this time.   Here is their response.  It includes letter sign on as well as information on rule changes.

Thank you for writing to NRDC and for your support of our organization’s work. We absolutely encourage you to contact your elected officials, as well as federal officials in the Interior Department and let them know you oppose efforts to weaken NEPA. You can sign on to NRDC’s letter and submit your own comments here: https://act.nrdc.org/letter/nepa-200115?source=WBSNPAPET&_ga=2.149779382.1438160815.1595258042-270134170.1533658675. Additionally, if you’d like to read the full final rule, you can at this link: https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2020/07/16/2020-15179/update-to-the-regulations-implementing-the-procedural-provisions-of-the-national-environmental NRDC is actively monitoring this and is ready for whatever action is necessary to protect this critically important rule. This move is a clear attempt to silence and sideline people to make it easier for industry to pollute our communities. We will not let it stand. There is a helpful overview of NRDC’s response here: https://www.nrdc.org/experts/sharon-buccino/understanding-trumps-harmful-attack-nepa

NRDC key talking points:


Links to Congressional members can be found on the http://www.350wenatchee.org home page.


If you are inclined and have the time,  I here are more links.

Here are links to Federal officials at the Department of Interior:


((202) 208-3100  provides directory of  contacts at interior)

David Bernhardt Secretary of the Department of Interior: (202) 208-3100  press 3  for Secretary https://www.doi.gov/contact-us  ((202) 208-3100  provides directory of  contacts at interior)

Other Contacts at Interior

Bureau of Land Management  Department Leads



National Parks  (?)   fail on this one, if you find good contacts I will update

USDA Forest Service general contact form https://www.fs.usda.gov/about-agency/contact-us


Vicki Christiansen Interim Chief (202) 205-8439
Lenise Lago Acting Associate Chief (202) 205-1779
Angela Coleman Chief of Staff (202) 205-0998
Cynthia Hale Executive Assistant to the Chief (202) 205-8439
Thanks and if I can help, let me  know.  Kevin info@350wenatchee.org