Sidewalk chalk: "Libertad por todos". In English: "Liberty for all".


Standing with those most impacted by climate change and other systems of oppression is key to our collective liberation—that’s why we’re inviting you to join us for this…


We’re teaming up with La Resistencia and Puyallup Water Warriors for a solidarity event to support the people detained inside the Northwest Detention Center (NWDC). This event will offer learning about how all our fights are connected and how you can support the movements to #FreeThemAll and #CancelLNG!

Free the Land, Free the People Solidarity Event
Sunday, June 13, 12:00pm
Northwest Detention Center, 1623 East J St, Tacoma, WA 98421
Shareable event page here.

We’ve got some incredible speakers planned, a DJ and beautiful art. To be part of the B, please contact Emily H.

If you can offer space in your vehicle or are looking for a ride to the event, please check out this carpool link.


Who will you vote for in August? The MASS Coalition and allies are convening candidates for Seattle city council and the mayoral race in forums focusing on transportation, equity and the environment. Erica C. Barnett of Publicola will moderate.

Mayoral Candidate Forum
Wednesday June 16, 5:30–7:00pm
Online, register and submit a question here.

City Council Position 9 Forum
Tuesday June 22, 5:00–6:30pm
Online, register and submit a question here.

Allies of the MASS Coalition include: Transportation Choices Coalition, Cascade Bicycle Club, Sunrise Seattle, Seattle Neighborhood Greenways, Seattle Subway, 350 Seattle Action and The Urbanist.


While we wait for a court verdict that could invalidate major permits, we are staying active and visible–check out this LNG Resistance Calendar of Events that will continue to be updated throughout the summer. With the legal decision expected sometime over the next month or two, Puyallup Water Warriors remind us that prayer must be central to the resistance. Please watch and share this beautiful video by Native Daily Network from last weekend’s candlelight vigil across the water from the polluting gas facility.

Resistance art, outside
Join us as we gather, socially distanced, for a fun family-friendly day outside doing a painted rock scavenger hunt, creating more resistance art, music, and hearing from speakers about the Tacoma LNG Resistance, and how we can hold PSE accountable while we wait for the big court decision.

LNG Resistance Rocks!
Saturday, July 11, 12:00pm–2:00pm
Discovery Park, 3801 W Government Way Seattle, 98199
Facebook event here – please share!

Want to be part of the Resistance Team?
Join our biweekly Zoom meetings on Thursdays to help plan artful actions, education opportunities and more.

Tacoma LNG Resistance Team Meeting
Thursday, June 10, 12:00pm
Online, register here.


Defund Line 3
We’re focusing our #DefundLine3 energy on supporting the Treaty People Gathering this month. If you’re able to make it to Minnesota, some of us may see you there. If you can’t, you can make a donation here. Only mass civil disobedience can stop this pipeline now.

The world’s largest funder of fossil fuels became the first US bank to release 2030 climate targets. And they’re devastatingly bad. Chase’s oil and gas climate goals allow them to continue to fund the expansion of fossil fuels for another decade.

In response, we’re calling Chase out for their greenwashing, delivering greenwashing “awards” to more than 100 branches around Seattle and around the country. And we’ve been joined by some powerful friends. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib were just two of the Members of Congress who grilled Wall Street CEOs on their banks’ role in the climate crisis this month. You can learn more about Chase’s woefully inadequate climate targets in this Common Dreams piece we had published.

Trans Mountain insurance
Earlier this week, one of Trans Mountain’s key insurance backers—Argo Group—committed to cut ties with the pipeline company when its current policy expires at the end of August, joining more than ten other companies that have ruled out insuring Trans Mountain. This is a big deal! Without insurance coverage, the massive Trans Mountain expansion project cannot be built or transport any oil, and we know that its options for insurance are dwindling. We’re ramping up the pressure on Trans Mountain’s remaining insurers as part of the Stop Insuring Trans Mountain Week of Action from June 14-21. RSVP here on Facebook to get all the details!

Shareholder season
This shareholder season we saw the power that large investors, including public investment funds like the Washington State Treasurer and Seattle pension fund, have to hold big polluters accountable. In a historic first, at Exxon-Mobil’s AGM, three board members running as “climate activists” challenged and defeated three incumbent board members who were backed by Exxon management. This is a first in the history of corporate campaigning. Board members of the world’s largest private oil company lost their jobs because of the company’s climate crimes. Now the rest of them need to be replaced as well.

Like always, you can stay up to date with everything happening with Stop the Money Pipeline—just sign up here.


We did it, the training series is complete! Thank you so much to all of you who joined us. And if you missed one, never fear! Follow this link to find all the recordings, slides and resources from all 5 trainings.

And in case you didn’t know, we will be repeating this series in the fall! As we filter through feedback, we may tweak the content to make it more focused and interactive, woohoo! So, stay tuned! Please contact Shemona if you have any questions, comments or concerns.


Our federal policy team is growing! We’re studying up on promising federal climate legislation, and through action alerts and other work, activating people around the state to lobby their Congressional representatives to pass strong climate legislation at the federal level.

We now have an agricultural policy team, but we’re looking for people to join teams focusing on additional policy areas: infrastructure, environmental justice, finance, and the ever-so-provocative miscellaneous.

To join a team or to learn more (about that miscellaneous, maybe!), contact Selden. And to get in the loop, join our listserv here.


Airlines, Port of Seattle commissioners, and many other elected officials are touting the so-called “sustainable” aviation fuels as a way to address the environmental impact of flying.

As you might suspect, this is mostly greenwashing. There is no way to produce enough alternative aviation fuel to meet aviation needs, and the fuels currently being pushed by the Port produce just as much CO2 emissions as standard jet fuel. And alternative aviation fuels do nothing to reduce the disproportionate impact of health-threatening aviation noise pollution on frontline communities. So, let’s counter this greenwashing!

Aviation Team Meeting
Tuesday, June 8, 7:00–8:00 pm
For the online meeting link, or to learn more about how you can be part of our efforts, email Laura.


Coast Guard Seattle base expansion
Hmm, let’s see, what should the Coast Guard include in its study of environmental impacts resulting from its proposed plans to expand its Seattle Base at Terminal 46 on Elliott Bay, near the stadiums in Seattle? Here’s some tips and a link for comments!

It’s time to get shipping emissions under control
This recent eye-opening article sheds light on the secretive meetings of the International Maritime Organization and how they are actually fighting against climate regulations instead of working to curb the industry’s massive emissions.

Here at home, the Port of Seattle publicly celebrates supposed climate victories like meeting their 2030 greenhouse gas reduction targets ten years early–when in reality all they did was switch the source of the gas that powers and heats Seatac airport, while at the same time expanding the airport, planning to expand cruise travel, planning to widen and deepen the harbor to accommodate the world’s largest container ships. The actual emissions from Port activities continue to increase annually.

Solutions are available. Reducing speed limits and adding sails to existing ships could decrease fuel consumption immediately–yet the IMO and Ports like Seattle seem to lack the political will to institute real regulations and incentives. Even Maersk, a huge player in global shipping is calling for more to be done in the form of a carbon tax that would incentivize companies to invest in alternative fuels and make more effort to conserve fuel.

Can you help the Maritime Solutions Team take on shipping emissions? Come to our next planning session!

Maritime Team Planning Session
Tuesday, June 15, 7:00pm
Register here.

Can’t make the meeting but want to get plugged in? Email Stacy!


The Port of Seattle is welcoming back cruise ships starting as early as July 24th. With Canada banning cruise ships until at least 2022, less than half of the residents from Washington and Alaska vaccinated, and COVID-19 cases continuing to rise, we know this decision to restart isn’t based on science or what is best for the health and safety of our communities.

Please give a public comment at the next Port Commission Meeting!

Port Commission Meeting
Tuesday, June 8, 12:00pm

To sign up for public comment, email with your name and topic (cruise restarting) before 9 am Tuesday to get in the queue and receive instructions on how to join the virtual meeting.

Written comments can also be submitted to that email. Talking points here!

Check out or follow Seattle Cruise Control on Facebook or Twitter for more local cruise ship news and info.


Emissions from buildings are growing faster than any other source of carbon pollution in Washington. Why? The fossil gas used for cooking and water and space heating in homes and buildings. Fossil gas not only contributes to climate change, but also poses significant health risks for our communities, including children, communities of color, low-income communities, and other historically underserved communities.

There is good news! Many cities across the country are looking at powering all new buildings solely with electricity. Electrifying buildings is critical to addressing climate change; it is also achievable, affordable, healthy, safe, and creates a more resilient energy system.

The Future of Buildings is All-Electric
Wednesday, June 30, 12:00pm
Online webinar, register here.

This webinar will share ways that you can get involved in promoting clean, safe, all-electric, including looking at how gas is currently used in buildings, its impacts on our health (especially indoors) and safety, and the prospects and implications of phasing it out.

Come hear about action taking place around the state, why we need it, and how you can help!


On May 13th, Governor Inslee shocked us by vetoing Clean Cars 2030.

The Governor claims he still supports the Clean Cars 2030 target and vetoed the provision because it was attached to a road usage fee.

Well, if the Governor supports this policy, he has the power to implement it. Ask Governor Inslee to issue an executive order for 100% clean cars by 2030!

To be a leader in clean transportation, the Governor should set a target that all new cars sold in Washington by electric by 2030, and direct all state agencies to incorporate this goal in their decision-making and planning.

Our climate, health and environment can’t wait!


Using a node model organized into topics of interest, deepening our anti-oppression work through education, action and reflection, our two current nodes are centered around immigration justice and Indigenous sovereignty and solidarity. Nodes meet bi-weekly, in addition to a larger monthly meeting for all the nodes.

Solidari-Tea Time Drop-in!
Monday, June 21, 6:00–7:00pm
Register here!

Pop in for the whole hour or for just a few minutes. Contact Meg O. or Shemona if you would prefer to set up a one-on-one conversation about joining a node. Hope to see you there!


Hi there, neighbor! We may be a small network, but we are working on mighty projects! We’re currently raising funds in partnership with other community orgs to help resource our houseless neighbors. If you join a pod now you can get more information about opportunities to support and donate to folks in our communities.

Connecting with neighbors builds resilience and safety, and it is also satisfying (and fun!) to care for one another in community. We’ve got a network of dozens of pods around the Seattle area, and pod captains connect across the city so that those pods with more resources can support those with fewer.

Does this sound like something you want to be a part of?
Sign up to be a pod captain and lead your neighborhood organizing efforts here. We’ve got lots of tools and support to help you get it going and figure things out along the way. You can also join a neighborhood pod here. If you have questions or are interested in volunteering in another way, contact Sulakshana.


“When forces are seen as so vast that they cannot be consciously contemplated or seriously discussed, we are doubly victimized—impeded in thought as well as action.” – Joanna Macy and Molly Brown

You’re invited to join community members in moving through grief to empowerment using a process called The Work that Reconnects. This process offers both structure and flexibility. We will move through four interactive stages during our time together: Gratitude, Honoring Our Pain for the World, Seeing with New and Ancient Eyes, and Going Forth.

Climate Grief and Empowerment Group – Second Saturdays
Saturday, June 12, 10:00–11:45am
Online, register here.


Story Circles are a community-building space for listening, learning, and sharing stories. Our mission is to center supportive and accessible creative practices; help people connect with their climate stories and creative agency; examine and challenge the dominant stories in our culture; and imagine the future we’ll build together. Join a community of storytellers at a Story Circle!

Stories live through us and can limit or liberate us; we are all storytellers. We come together to honor those stories and the value of creativity outside of its commodification.

Story Circles gather on the final Friday of each month. For now, we’re meeting online.

Story Circles
Friday, June 25, 6:00–7:30pm
Online, register here.

We’re also hosting virtual office hours every second Friday of each month. This is an unstructured time to talk about stories, seek accountability or support for a creative project, or write together.

Story Circles Office Hours
Friday, June 11, 6:00–7:00pm
Online, register here.

To receive regular updates and invitations, as well as resources for climate storytelling and creativity, email Amanda.


Last chance to get in on this one! We’re quilting our dreams to bring more people into imagining the future that is possible and supports all life. This allows people to step into work for positive change, and beauty supports all of us in the movement. We still have a few more squares that need your loving images of a thriving future! Pick up your fabric square and draw with fabric pens we supply or use your own fabric paints. Create your square at home or on an outside table at the pickup/drop-off location. To participate, please sign up on this form, or if you have questions, contact Kat.


Join us in brainstorming creative ways to use art to its fullest potential or join an inspiring project or powerful song circle already under way. All skill levels welcome! We want you!

Street murals as the weather gets drier
Painting in Seattle for No LNG, Defund Line 3, Stop Trans Mountain, and more, using chalk and washable paint in outdoor public areas! If you’re interested, contact Lisa C.

Art builds outside in-person & relay skilled art builds from home
We’re following CDC and state guidelines and will be practicing Covid precautions while working with people’s individual needs. Since everyone is at a different place with comfort levels, vaccine schedules, etc., we ask that everyone please come into the space with respect for people’s boundaries, social distancing, and wearing masks. Interested in helping?

We’re also still doing skilled art relays from home if that works better for you, and you already have some art skills you want to put to use

If you are interested in either one, please contact Lisa M.

Deployment of our powerful and beautiful art
We have an important No LNG overpass bannering opportunity coming right up in the Puyallup’s fight to keep the facility from starting operation! If you can help for an hour in the late afternoon/early evening, please sign up here. Got questions? Contact Alison!

If you are interested in other deployment opportunities, and getting trained to guide volunteers at events, we need YOU! Please contact Eric.

Join the Artful Workgroup
We’re looking for people with skills in any area of art including performance arts, visual arts like graphics, painting, screen printing, building props, etc., and people at any skill level with creative strategic humor and energy who like to brainstorm. Contact Lisa M.

Not skilled? No worries, join us! We’ll teach you how! We all love to see the work we helped create make a difference in the world! We always need people for no-skills tasks like tracing, cutting, twisting ties, painting in between the lines, etc. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you’ll want to try a little something more in a supportive, learning, fun, and connecting atmosphere with other people who care enough to show up like you are. Sign up here.


The People’s Echo is a collective of social justice/climate activists and singer-songwriters. We create and share songs that are medicine for us in these mysterious times. We sing for the healing of ourselves, each other, and the earth. Singing together is a human birthright that has less to do with “sounding good” and more to do with settling into our bodies, calming our nervous systems, and being together in community. Anyone who can join us for song teach-ins, actions, events and beyond is a part of The People’s Echo and we invite the broader community to join us in song.

People’s Echo Online Song Teach-in with Lu Aya (The Peace Poets)
Wednesday, June 23, 6:00–7:30pm
Online here, and more details here.

In Person Song Teach-In
Saturday, June 26, 6:30–9:00pm
Duwamish Land – Licton Springs Park, 9536 Ashworth Ave N, Seattle, 98103
More details here.

We want to ensure that everyone who chooses to join us for our in-person song teach-in feels comfortable and safe. We ask that everyone come wearing a mask and be prepared to wear it during the entire event. We will check in with folks as they arrive and at the beginning of the event about their comfort level with being masked or unmasked, and distanced or grouped (vaccinated folks together) and will prioritize the needs of immunocompromised, unvaccinated, or more vulnerable folks.

Bring chairs or blankets to sit on and anything else you need to be comfortable outside for several hours. Email Hillary for accessibility or other inquiries.


Line 3 Stop the Money Pipeline Wrap up video of our Solidarity Action at Chase where you can see our awesome rain-day backup plan: a giant human mural!

350 Seattle May General Meeting – being in solidarity with those most impacted by climate change and other systems of oppression is key to our collective liberation. We explore what that looks like in practice on a personal level vs. an organizational level.

Skilling up for Climate Action: Policy Advocacy – learn how to advocate, how legislative bodies work, and how to influence electeds—with examples from local affiliates to demonstrate common tactics and best practices.

Check out the 350 Seattle YouTube page for awesome and growing content including DIY Art how-to videos, recordings of past general meetings, webinars, and trainings.


Want more general information about 350 Seattle? Check out this handy new volunteer welcome guide.

Here are some really great ways to start on that path of engagement! Check out our updated Volunteer Opportunities List. Opportunities range from low commitment to high, introductory to skilled. All you have to do is find something you’re excited about and reach out! Unless otherwise noted, all opportunities can be done from home.

Unsure what you want to do? Still have questions about who we are and what we do? Schedule a time to chat with Shemona either by phone or video chat.

No time? Well, never fear—you can support the work we do at 350 Seattle by becoming a monthly donor! Sign up here!

That’s how we’re ending Spring, friends! See you on the interwebs and—respectfully, with caution—in the streets!


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