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Dear friends,

If you’ll allow me to get a little melodramatic — this is the last donor newsletter of the year and the decade, the very same decade that 350 celebrated our ten year anniversary. We also celebrated the largest mobilization in world history — once again proving to ourselves the extraordinary inspiration of people rising up in all corners of the globe. This rising was the spark that lit 350 ten years ago.

But 2019 has been a lot different than past years. We sailed through more record breaking temperatures and extreme wildfires and floods. We watched as country after country elected greedy shills of the fossil fuel industry. We saw climate change, inequality, and assaults on human dignity take a painful toll on far too many.

In the new year we will have, as we always do, a chance to turn the page — yes, of a calendar, but also to a way of thinking about and enacting our work in a new reality. The climate crisis is becoming more serious and everywhere institutions and those who run them are not stepping up to the challenge.

History has shown us that people power closes this gap. And the great news about people power is it’s a renewable resource that we all contribute to every single day.

You do that for us. You have stepped up for us in so many ways this year. Your generosity and belief in us has propelled us through these hard times and sharpened our focus for the work to come.

As always, we feature a few stories this month to highlight our work around the world — and I hope you’ll enjoy them.

Thank you so much,

May Boeve

May Boeve
Executive Director

A Huge Win In Ukraine

Photo: 350 Ukraine
Over 160 cities in Ukraine signed up to transition to 100% renewable energy after years of campaigning. Read more.

24 Turkish Municipalities Commit To The Paris Agreement

Photo: Ritu Bhardwaj
Twenty-four cities, including 3 of the 5 biggest cities in Turkey, announced “Cities for Climate Action” declaration, said “we are in” on Paris Agreement and committed to the 1.5°C Goal. This is… Read more.

COP25 Recap

Photo: 350.org
COP25 went two days over schedule, with no significant results. Negotiators have listened to the fossil fuel industry instead of the people – and the science… Read more.

Fossil Free Africa Is Gaining Ground

Photo: AfrikaVuka
Africans are rising in ever-growing numbers to resist the fossil fuels industry and champion adapted and affordable climate solutions. Across Africa, civil society groups and local groups are fiercely working towards setting Africa free from coal, oil and gas dependency… Read more.

The Global Climate Strike Through The Eyes Of A Youth Organizer

Photo: Abdul Malik
Shayli was one of the youth organizers behind the amazing success of the global climate strike. He lives in Leipzig and fights for justice every day. One of the ways he takes action is by organizing… Read more.

In addition, view this list of 11 young climate justice activists to pay attention to, including 350’s own Amira Odeh Quiñones.

350.org‘s Work To Fight Climate Change Featured

Photo: The Daily Beast
This Giving Tuesday, we were honored to be on a list from The Daily Beast of nonprofits doing tangible work to fight the climate crisis. Read more.

All this progress is a result of your support of 350.org. We can’t thank you enough for being such a strong partner in our fight against climate change.

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