Save the date | 3.21.23 

National Day of Action on March 21, 2023 – 3.21.23! Wells Fargo Bank 

Corner of Whitman Way and Mission St, Wenatchee Noon to 2 PM 

We have asked the 4 biggest banks to stop funding climate chaos or we would mobilize to withdraw our money. On March 21, 2023 we are rallying to show our commitment to that demand and cut up our dirty bank credit cards. We are desperately running out of time to ensure a livable future for our species. You don’t need to be a cardholder to participate––we need people of all ages, races, and means to make visible the connection between cash and carbon. Bring your friends, energy, and creativity! 

In the eight years since the world signed the Paris climate accords, four American banks have invested more than any other banks in the world in companies making the climate crisis worse. Chase, Citibank, Wells Fargo and Bank of America have lent well over a trillion dollars to companies expanding fossil fuel projects, cutting down rainforests and trampling Indigenous rights.

A must watch video and just over 4 minutes.
Fantastic article by our Alec Connon – you will enjoy the short read!