2022 legislative info – how did our 12th District reps vote –

*H = Hawkins, S=Steele, G=Goehner

Bills passed which our 350WA CAT followed:

Greenhouse Gas/Facilities – HB 1280  all no

Reducing Methane Emissions from Landfills – HB 1663 – all no

Financial responsibility/oil spills – HB 1691 – all YES

Chemicals/consumer products – HB 1694  – H yes – G& S, no

Tribal consultation / Climate Commitment Act – HB 1753  – all YES

TANF(temporary assistance for needy families) Time Limit Extensions – HB 1755 – all YES

Electric vehicles/HOAs – HB 1793 S yes, G&H, no

Organic Materials Management – HB 1799 H yes, G&S, no

Modernizing EFSEC for clean energy goals – HB 1812 G&S yes, H-no

Community Solar – HB 1814 all no

Clean tech. tax deferrals – HB 1988 all no

Growth Management Act Update – SB 5042 all no

Solar canopies tax deferral – SB 5714 all no

Building Performance Standards – SB 5722 all no

Renewable Hydrogen – SB 5910 all YES

Telecommunications access – HB 1723 S yes then no, so all no

Extending Collective Bargaining to Legislative Employees – HB 2124 all no

Modifying use of physical force by peace officers – HB 1735 all yes 🙁

Use of Force – HB 2037 (rolled back to House version) all yes 🙁

Capital Budget – SB 5651 all members of House & Senate voted for this unanimously!

Addressing transportation resources – SB 5974 all no

Additive transportation funding and appropriations – SB 5975 All no, then H-yes


Aside from CAT

HB 1846 tax preferences for rural & non rural data centers with green investments – all yes

HB 1619  new energy efficiency standards on certain appliances – all no

HB 1717 GMA planning includes tribes – all YES

HB 1241  GMA plans – all no

HB 1768  Update definition of energy conservation for public entity projects – all no

SB 5528  Add revenue sources in Regional Transit Areas – H yes – G&S, no

SB 5619  Conserve/restore Kelp/Eelgrass – all YES

SB 5961 Incentivize use of biochar in government contracts – all YES 

SB 5583  End prison gerrymandering – G&S yes – H, no

ESSB 5078  Ban high capacity mags for guns – all no

SB 5600  Apprenticeship programs – all YES

SB 5649  Fixes to paid family and medical leave – all YES

SB 5847  Public service employees/information student loan forgiveness – H yes – G&S, no

HB 1769  ends veto power community municipalities for corporations – all yes

(follows HB1220 last year)

HB 2061  includes permanent affordable housing to “public improvements” in community revitalization financing  – all no

HB 1866  Housing support plus – S&G yes – H, no

SB 5868 Expanding the use of the rural counties public facilities sales and use tax to include affordable workforce housing – all yes

SB 5793  provides funding for community EJ members on state councils – G&S yes, – H, no

HB 1980  Removing the prohibition on providing employment services and community access services concurrently (clean tech like HB 1988 above) – the senate and house were unanimous YES

HB 1723  Increasing digital equity – S yes then no, so all no

HB 2078  Outdoor education for all WA 5th & 6th grades – all YES

These are just the bills which PASSED!  So MANY good ones dies early on or right before the session ended.

Most importantly 

HB 1099 Climate in the GMA, passed house/senate back to and then died in 11th hour!  All no