To our Governor – this from Riverkeeper.

While doing education here at Touch-A-Truck, my heart will be in Kalama!

Today, OPB broke a huge story about Northwest Innovation Works’ (NWIW) proposal to build the world’s largest gas-to-methanol refinery in Kalama, WA. Documents obtained by Columbia Riverkeeper demonstrate that NWIW mislead regulators and the public about the purpose of the methanol project.

NWIW repeatedly claimed that methanol produced at the facility would only be used as a feedstock for plastics. But in a 2018 PowerPoint presentation to potential investors, NWIW clearly indicates that Kalama’s methanol would primarily be burned as fuel in China’s cars, trucks, buses, ships, and factories. Burning methanol for fuel is bad for our climate. NWIW’s bait-and switch undermines the self-serving supplemental Environmental Impact Statement that NWIW released in late 2018.

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Given NWIW’s deception, and because the methanol refinery would likely cause a significant increase in greenhouse gas pollution, we call on Governor Inslee to publicly oppose the Kalama methanol refinery. Join us in urging Governor Inslee and the Washington Department of Ecology to reject the Kalama methanol project. Sign the petition or call Governor Inslee at 360-902-4111 during business hours and urge him to oppose the Kalama methanol project.

Dan Serres
Conservation Director

P.S. If you’d like to see Kalama in person, join us on May 18 in Kalama for a fun, family-friendly event. 

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