Hello People’s Bailout Supporters,

We hope many of you got to participate in the beautiful, joyous and powerful SIX NINETEENmobilizations over Juneteenth weekend. If you missed the full breadth of everything that happened, be sure to see the full set of actions at SixNineteen.org and read the Movement for Black Lives Vision for Black Lives policy agenda, or watch the M4BL TV recordings. We know more pieces of the policy agenda will be coming out in the weeks ahead, and we’re excited to continue integrating these critical demands and solutions into the work of The People’s Bailout.

As we hold the renewed energy and sense of expanded possibility coming out of the SIX NINETEEN JUNETEENTH weekend mobilizations and the uprisings that predated this and have continued into this week, we also know that many families are feeling a growing sense of desperate urgency due to long-standing economic and health challenges exacerbated in this COVID moment.

Right now, we are just days away from the Republican Senate planning to go on yet another two week long vacation without acting on the Heroes Act, the relief legislation passed in the House over a month ago (quick rundown of what’s in it here)—as state and local governments run out of money, another month of rent and utility bills hit tens of millions of people who can’t pay them, COVID-19 cases continue to mount, and we race towards July 31st when the Pandemic Unemployment Insurance program is set to expire.

Given all that, we’re ready to ramp up pressure on the Senate to put the next relief act to a vote. We won’t settle for something small and technical. Instead, we need Senators to advance a bold relief package that meets the needs of the moment.

To date there have not been any real negotiations over the next relief package in DC, and there is no sign that there will be before the July 4th recess. Instead, we see our window for action as July 17th-August 7th, especially given that pandemic Unemployment Insurance expires at the end of July.

In order to force action when the Senate returns, we need to use this recess well. Initially, here’s what you can do:

  1. Check if the Senators that represent your state(s) joined the recent Democratic letter to Senator Mitch McConnell demanding urgent Senate action. If not, ask why and hold them accountable for not pushing for a #PeoplesBailout;
  2. Review and plan to use this “One month since Heroes passed” Digital Toolkit; and
  3. Begin thinking about in-district actions during the July 4th recess; Congress Members will be home for 2 weeks!

We’ll have more activities coming your way next week to make sure that we’re all active during the recess holding the Senate accountable to getting the relief we need.

Thank you for all you’re doing in this critical moment.

In solidarity,

#PeoplesBailout Crew

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