This week BP put another $3 Million into the No On 1631 campaign, bringing the oil industry to $8.7 Million against clean energy. We know this is going to be a hard fight, and we’ll be outspent by the oil industry and that’s why you are going to make the difference. If you haven’t signed up for a canvass yet, now is the time!

A few updates for you all

New Climate Justice Steward Checklist


Doing the RE-IGHT thing!
Today REI endorsed I-1631 with a very strong statement! We need to show them that their members support that decision. Can you COMMENT on their blog post here? And SHARE this Facebook post about their endorsement?

Canvass/Message Training Webinar
Want to get a head start on the canvassing script? Want to know the tips and tricks on how to answer hard questions at the door? We’re holding two webinars a week for folks to learn how to talk about this campaign at the door and how to answer frequently asked questions. (Note: It is not required to attend one of these before attending a canvass, just some extra prep!)

You can join the training on Tuesday or Thursday from 7:00pm – 8:00pm: RSVP FOR A WEBINAR HERE

Join a Canvass!
We are off and running… well walking and knocking! To win in November we need to knock on over 200,000 doors across Washington state, and to do that we need YOU! You can sign up for one of the canvasses below or check the map for the full list.

8/25 – Canvass – Port Angeles – Dan’s House
8-25 am Canvas – East King – Kirkland – Peter Kirk Park
8/25 am – Canvass – East King – Carnation at Fred Hockert Park
8/25 – Canvass – Yakima – Russilos Pizza
8/25 – Canvassing – Comstock Park
8/25 – Lake Forest Park Canvassing
8/25 – Canvass Day – University Place/Tacoma – Pierce Co. Library
8/26 – Canvass – SW-WA / Camas – Rick Marshall’s House as Launchpad
8/26 – Canvassing – Seattle – 1631 Door knocking Day
8/26 – Whidbey Island Training and Canvass Kickoff!

Top Canvassers for doors knocked  this week (and last!)

  • Rachel Molloy 293
  • Hobe Williams 244
  • Elijah Keimig 212
  • Ari Simmons 190
  • Brian Emanuels 159
  • Christie Heyer 157
  • Sean Jacobson 148
  • Mason Rolph 115
  • Jennyfer Mesa 113
  • Garrett Havens 106
  • Hart Heffelfinger 98
  • Erin Elizabeth Rasmussen 97
  • Andrew Eckels 89
  • Timothy Clark 72
  • Fiona Sheehan 68
  • K Burnell Schaetzel-Hill 63
  • Leda Zakarison 63
  • Meridian Green 62
  • Richard Lipsky 62
  • Chris Covert-Bowlds 60
  • Don Steinke 60
  • Sam Rawlins 58
  • Nick Magruder 56
  • Doug Engebretson 54
  • Sarah Farbstein 54

Spread the word with VoterCircle
Volunteers have sent over 10,000 emails through VoterCircle. Have you joined them yet?

Click here to start messaging your friends

If you missed it, VoterCircle is a rad new friend-to-friend outreach tool that lets you ID which of your friends are Washington Voters and quickly send them a message about the campaign.

Write a letter to the editor (LTE)
Thanks to everyone who submitted letters to the editor last week! Remember the best letters are personal stories that explain why you believe in 1631, as opposed to policy explanations. We’ve created an LTE guide with some great samples Check it out here

You can also run your LTE’s by jack@yeson1631.org if you want feedback.

Endorsements this week
If you know a group who might endorse 1631 email Lauren@yeson1631.org

Puget Soundkeeper
Meadow Creature LLC
LD Arch Design
Save Our Wild Samon Coalition
Sustainable Connections
RG Seattle
Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians
Toxic Free Future
Washington Association of Land Trusts
Deputy Mayor Lynne Robinson (Bellevue)
Mayor of Olympia Cheryl Selby
Kirkland City Councilmember Penny Sweet
Orca Conservancy
Washington State League of United Latin American Citizens
Derby Canyon Natives
BrightWork Builders LLC
Big Chickie
American Lung Association

In the Media

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Will Washington state voters make history on climate change?
As smoke hangs over Northwest, study shows air pollution was already high
‘We are now breathing in climate change,’ says Gov. Inslee
Commentary: Carbon fee will help clear air we breathe
Wash. girds for ballot brawl over carbon tax
Will smoky northwest skies yield America’s first carbon tax?

With 75 days left until the election talking to Washington Voters about I-1631 is one of the most important things you can do in America to address climate, jobs, and justice. Let’s win this thing!

Ahmed Gaya
Field Director, Yes On 1631
4347 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105
206-535-6617 (office)
773-960-2587 (cell)

Connect with other climate justice stewards by joining our SLACK Channel or our Facebook group.

Volunteer Code of Conduct:
Yes On 1631 Volunteers come from diverse backgrounds and experiences. To ensure everyone is respected and empowered on our campaign we’ve established a volunteer code of conduct. Please read it here.


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