Hello 350 members!

I wanted to pass along an opportunity to take action (by 2pm Thursday, January 14) on the Clean Cars 2030 bill supported by Coltura. Coltura is a nonprofit organization that promotes climate, health & equity by speeding the transition from gasoline to cleaner alternatives.

What does the bill do?

In short: the bill requires all new cars and trucks sold in the state to be electric by 2030. Model-year 2029 and earlier gasoline-powered cars can still be sold and registered in Washington.

Why is this bill so important?

A recent report by the Clean Energy Transition Institute shows the levels of new electric vs fossil fuel vehicle sales required to achieve emissions reductions in the Pacific Northwest consistent with the United Nations 1.5 degree global warming target. It shows that all new car sales must be electric by 2030 to meet our climate goals.

For more information on the Clean Cars 2030 bill, please click here. The document answers many questions you may have about the bill.

The Clean Cars 2030 bill just received a bill number: HB 1204, which will be fully entered into the legislature’s bill system tomorrow night (1/14) and “introduced” in the House on Friday (1/15).

But, we only have until 2pm tomorrow (1/14) to recruit more House members to support the bill. Currently, there are two sponsors: Representative Macri and Rep. Chopp, both from the 43rd district.

Will you ask your district Representatives to support the Clean Cars 2030 bill, requiring new cars to be electric starting with model year 2030? You can do so by 1. Filling out the District Finder, and 2. Using the form results to find the email addresses of your district Representatives.

Thank you all for your AWESOME climate organizing and support!


Cha Cha

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