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Here’s an update concerning important changes to XR America affinity group programs:

Activism is Medicine Affinity Group:

There’s a new AIM Resources Folder for AIM videos and bibliographies. Go to the AIM website and click on the Resources Folder link:

The AIM Roundtable Forum is in full operation. You can access videos of conversations with climate notables such as Rodney King, Michael Dowd, Guy McPherson, and Katherine Dodds at the Activism is Medicine YouTube channel:

We will be conversing with climate activist Gail Bradbrook from XR UK later this week.  The video should be uploaded by Monday, September 11.

AIM will be conducting a new on-line workshop on Monday, October 9 for climate activist Elders. Enrollment is limited and the workshop will not be recorded. ELDER CLIMATE ACTIVISM – THE PATH TO DEEPER ENGAGEMENT is open for enrollment at this Eventbrite link:

Questions about AIM?  Send an email to:

Pathways to Action Affinity Group:

Pathways publishes The Daily Rebellion, the only daily newspaper in the United States that provides up-to-date news about non-violent climate annihilation related civil disobedience. Connect the dots, get informed, and learn how to join the Rebellion.

The Pathways website is here:

Mothers Rebellion Support Group:

The Sacramento based Mothers Rebellion Support Group held a successful Mother’s Day action at the California State Capitol on May 13, 2023.  MR is helping organize a coalition of climate organization for the upcoming September 17 climate festival at Sacramento’s Old Town. For more information, visit the Mothers Rebellion Support Group webpage at:

The Unchanged Future.

The Unchanged Future project supports a collective of visionaries and instigators who understand that climate annihilation is the foremost crisis facing humanity. By installing The Unchanged Future (TUF) at Burning Man 2023, the collective hopes to drive home the severity of the consequences of inaction, shift the “Overton window” away from the lifeless language of “climate change,” and move the conversation to the truth: Generational Genocide. By creating work that is prescient and disquieting, the collective will create a space for voices to vibrate, resonate, and grow loud.

The TUF collective secured adequate funding in 2023 to install Phase I of the art piece. For more information about TUF phases, see:

The TUF website will be updated with images of Phase I when the international on-site team returns from Burning Man.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

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