Hi friends –

So far in the #DefundLine3 campaign, CEOs & bank executives have received more than 600,000 emails, 10,000 postcards, 6,000 calendar invites, and 2,500 phone calls demanding that they stop funding the monstrosity that is Line 3. There have been protests at bank branches in 16 states.

Now, for the next two weeks Stop the Money Pipeline is raising money for the frontlines of Line 3 resistance. Following the guidance of folks at Giniw Collective, every cent we raise will go to the Protest Center’s Line 3 legal defense fund, helping to make sure that the 200+ people who have been arrested resisting Line 3 get the legal support they need and deserve.

Can your organization amplify the fundraiser by sharing it with your supporters? We’ve created a toolkit with template emails and social posts here. We’ve raised $30,000 so far, but there are 150+ organizations in this coalition & we know that with your support we can raise even more for the brave Water Protectors putting their bodies and their freedom on the line for all of us.

If you’re able to make a donation yourself, you can do so here! But more importantly, please use this toolkit to share the fundraiser with your organization’s supporters.

In solidarity & with gratitude for y’all 🙌
– Alec

Alec Connon
Stop the Money Pipeline, Coalition Coordinator
writer’s website: www.alecconnon.com

This list is for coordinating the campaign to push JPMorgan Chase to stop doing business with the fossil fuel industry.

Looking for ways to join the campaign? Check out the Chase Organizing Toolkit: bit.ly/chase-toolkit

Learn more about the campaign: http://ran.org/chase

Many of the groups involved in this campaign are also a part of the Stop the Money Pipeline coalition. Learn more: www.stopthemoneypipeline.com

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