The Washington STRONG Act has arrived!

Our state budget is in the red, with insufficient resources to address the current economic crisis or the ongoing climate crisis. But with the Washington STRONG Act (SB 5373), we have the opportunity to create more resilient communities, to shrink our climate impact, to address environmental health disparities, to have cleaner air and water, to spur substantial job creation, to restore our ecosystems, and to transition to a green economy. This resilient recovery program will generate at least $16 billion over 10 years to accelerate our transition to a clean economy and create more than 100,000 local, family-wage jobs. Read the press release here. To get the full text of the bill, click here

The bill was just introduced, but a hearing in the Senate Environment and Energy Committee will be scheduled very soon. Stay tuned!

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Here are three ways you can support this transformative legislation:

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  • Got 4 minutes? Ask an organization that you work with or volunteer for to support Washington STRONG.
  • Got 5 minutes? Call the Chair of the Senate Environment and Energy Committee, Sen. Reuven Carlyle, to request that a committee hearing be scheduled for Washington STRONG as soon as possible: 360.786.7670


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Through February 22nd, The Carbon WA Board is matching up to $15,000 in unrestricted donations to Carbon Washington Action (non-tax deductible). Will you help us max out this generous offer? These donations will fund additional advocacy support for Washington STRONG. Click here to contribute. 

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Click here to learn more about Washington STRONG, our plan for a STRONG economy and STRONG communities across the state.

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