Hello Jeanne,

No, seriously. Do you understand? We can no longer stop the collapse of the Arctic — the ice, the food systems, and everything else that the polar bears rely on to survive. Going, going, gone.

We, too, rely on the Arctic’s ice to survive. When it’s gone, scientists predict our food systems will collapse, too. In fact, scientists say the Arctic will be ice-free by 2035. What happens after that is nothing short of social and economic chaos.

If a little thing like a virus, which we can’t see with the human eye, can bring us to our knees, what happens when the Arctic is ice-free, causing system collapses around the world?

Like those who see lightning in the distance and later hear the clap of thunder, many think climate chaos is still far away because they don’t see it yet. But it’s here. And it isn’t proceeding down a linear path. That means, rather than going 1, 2, 3 and so forth – it’s going 1, 10, 600, 2 million and 60 gazillion. So just when you’re sitting back to think about tomorrow – BAM! BAM! BAM! Climate chaos is on your doorstep.

This is why we must take massive action now. This is why tomorrow is too late. The things we do this year and next year will impact the next 100,000 years on Earth. But more importantly, it may just save your children’s and grandchildren’s lives.

We’re headed toward the cliff. If we don’t all take action now while we still have time, when we get to the edge, it won’t matter if we have the best brakes or flashiest steering wheels — we’ll be in free fall, tumbling to our deaths.

But we still have time. We can stop this madness and mitigate the harm if we rise up together, now. Will you stand up with us?

The first step to take is to learn. Discover your options by attending our signature Heading for Extinction & XRA Overview talk on Mondays, 7 PM Pacific and 7 PM Eastern. Register here:

Monday, April 12, 7 PM Eastern:



Monday, April 12, 7 PM Pacific:


After arming yourself with knowledge, prepare for action in the streets by attending our one-of-a-kind Nonviolent Civil Disobedience Training this Saturday, April 11, 10 AM Pacific. Register here:

Saturday, April 10, 10 AM-1 PM Pacific:


If you’ve attended both and are ready to Design Your First Action, this workshop is your next stop on Saturday, April 17 at 11 AM Pacific. Register here:

Saturday, April 17, 11 AM Pacific


There’s no tomorrow, only today. Join us!


Love & Action,

Jonathan Logan
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