Jeanne —

This is the fight we knew was coming. The oil industry has already poured $8 million into the misinformation campaign to defeat I-1631. Indeed, 99.99% of the No on 1631 money has come from Big Oil. Why are they doing this? It’s simple: by raising over $800 million a year for investments in climate solutions, I-1631 will help ensure that WA is able to fund the transition to a clean energy future — and we all know that a clean energy future is a future without the oil industry. That’s why Big Oil is so determined to stop this. But we can’t let that happen.

Can you join me in signing up for a canvass shift this week?

We don’t have the funds to match Big Oil, but we have something they don’t—people power. And people power beats corporate power every time.

Over the next 10 weeks, we’re going to run a massive volunteer-powered campaign, making thousands of phone calls and knocking on tens of thousands of doors. These one-on-one conversations, with your neighbors and others in our community, is how we will win — but we can only do this if thousands of people like you sign up to help.

Can you join me in signing up for a canvass shift this week?

If you want to take part in an online training before going out for your first canvass, there are trainings online every Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Register here for a Yes on 1631 canvass training!

Together, we can do this!

PS: between now and September 12th, we are running our first ever Monthly Sustainer Drive. Help us remain a community-powered organization by signing up to become a monthly sustainer here.


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