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People wearing Third Act t-shirts
Starting with deep resolve and joy

It’s Vanessa Arcara here. On Tuesday evening, thousands of you were with us as we officially launched Third Act. The turnout was extraordinary and the spirit was strong. We’re glad, because resolve and joy will be the main currency of this movement.

If you weren’t able to make it, here’s the recording of our kickoff event.

We hope you left feeling uplifted about what we can accomplish, charged with the prospect of working together to protect our democracy and our shared home.

Where to start

1) Not sure if you’re an organizer? A good way to start is by forwarding this email to a handful of your friends and inviting them to see what Third Act is about. Tell them why you’re interested. Bonus for directing them to your favorite video, resource, or page on our site, and double that for inviting them to take an action below.

2) Sign up for an event. We will be hosting regular online gatherings to share skills, deepen our community, dig into campaign work, and have a little fun together. You can start registering for the line-up in January now at our events page.

3) Working groups. We’re incubating Third Act Faith, our first national working group, and are head-down getting more started based on the information you’re sending in. If you’re interested in helping organize a group, you can fill out this survey. (No need to do this again if you’ve already sent one in—we’re on it.)

4) Voting Stories. We’ll work hard to turn out voters for important state races and build power while reminding everyone about the stakes and spirit of hard-won victories that ensured everyone the right to vote over half a century ago. That’s why we’ve begun collecting stories from you all about memorable voting moments. If you haven’t yet sent one in, you can read more and do that here.

5) Bug Your Bank. This week, we learned that—despite elaborate posturing in Glasgow during COP26—banks like Chase and Wells Fargo are doubling down on their investments in the oil & gas industry.  You can ensure your banks know that this is beyond unacceptable—details here.

Third Act members have a wide range of experience as activists from beginners to experts, and diverse sets of skills. We are developing a set of strategies to broaden this base, and creating opportunities to build on your talents and life experiences that will deepen our power. You’ll soon be receiving a new list of actions to take through the month of January—tasks we can all choose to do, knowing that this generation is coming together and getting to work.

Vanessa Arcara, President

p.s. We’ve received loads of emails from folks asking: “How can I get one of those t-shirts?” Shirts, hats, masks, leggings and more can be found in our merch shop.

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