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Third Act supporters at a climate rally
Dear Jeanne,

This past Wednesday, Third Act Advisor: Heather Booth moderated a wonderfully captivating conversation with Marisa Falcon from Apiary Practical Support, Sylvia Albert from Common Cause, Michelle Wilson from Women Engaged, and Will Wilder from The Brennan Center about the State of Our Democracy. If you attended the event, please fill out this feedback form. If you missed the Democracy Panel, you can watch a recording of the Democracy Panel Discussion here.


In all honesty, it was hard NOT to sit in front of the computer wide-eyed and in admiration for the passion, heart, and care that our moderator and panelists spoke about the changes that they themselves were engaging in to Build the Democracy We Need. As someone who is constantly in awe of my elders, my biggest takeaway is that Democracy is about coming together to build the democracy that the people deserve, which usually looks like stepping up and being what your community needs.
The Campaigns Team has pulled together various ways that you all can put your Democracy In Motion and plug into your respective communities. Below, you will find links to the Safeguarding Our Democracy Campaign Landing Page, that has SIX different ways that you can help get involved with your community and our work. My personal favorite is the resources at the bottom of the Beyond the Ballet Box: Community Support because the resources make it easy for anyone to find ways to connect to their local areas.

Remember, this is just the beginning,


Digital Campaigns Manager,

and the Team at Third Act

P.S. Songs from the Teach-In:

Hold On (Eyes on the Prize) – Sweet Honey in the Rock and People Have the Power (Live) – Patti Smith


Click the Orange Button Above or HERE for details and instructions on the following



  1. Write Postcards to Voters 

  2. Register Youth to Vote 

  3. Protect Elections

    1. We have partnered with Common Cause on Election Protection Activities that you can learn more about and sign up for, here.

  4. Beyond The Ballot Box: Community Support

    1. We would love to highlight Apiary Practical Support  as an organization that is working to provide services in favor of bodily autonomy and healthcare access for everyone. For general interest, you can email contact@apiaryps.org, sign up for their newsletter, or help them find their next hiring candidate.

  5. Tell Us Your Story

  6. Write a Letter to the Editor


Instructions for these 6 activities are on the Campaign Landing Page.

If you do end up doing any of these actions, SHARE YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS WITH US!

Email us stories, photos, etc to takingaction@thirdact.org for a chance to be featured in our newsletters, events, and/or tag us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Tiktok: @thirdactorg .


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