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Dear Jeanne,

If you’ve been keeping up with the news, you know we’ve got work to do. We’re asking you to join us on March 23rd to hear what we have planned for Third Actors to make a difference in the next month. Further below, you’ll find toolkits, resources & recordings for the Banking on our Future Pledge to pressure Chase and other big banks to pull their investments from the fossil fuel industry.

This month, we learned that restrictions on voting access enacted in Texas, Georgia, and 18 other states since the 2020 election are starting to bear fruit; mail-in primary ballots cast in Texas’ most populous counties were just rejected at a rate 15 times higher than in 2020.¹ We now know that people of color and folks over 60 will continue to be disproportionately affected.

And our most significant chance at federal climate legislation remains stalled. And while we wait to hear more from Joe Manchin, our hearts are tied up watching Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. We know that one way to gain independence from autocrats, protect our planet, and prevent the untold death and destruction wrought by fossil fuel-funded wars is to decentralize power, literally. Or as Bill’s put it this week: we’ve got to stop burning things.

We’ve designed our big national call this Wednesday, March 23rd around these ideas. Making progress demands that we all step up, so we’re planning ways for tens of thousands of Third Actors to do just that. Come join us and hear:

  • details about how our growing Democracy Force can increase voter turnout in key states (and by some key deadlines);
  • how we can leverage activity and events during Earth Month to grow our power and put more pressure on the four Big Banks financing climate destruction;
  • about Bette Midler’s life’s work offscreen protecting green spaces in our cities;
  • from an incredible Third Actor who’s already helping lead a group in creative actions and culture-building in her community.

Wrap-Up from our Banks Teach-In last Monday

The turnout for our Banks Teach-In was incredible, and we’re grateful to our partners at Green America, Stop the Money Pipeline, and the Sierra Club who presented. We promised everyone some resources coming out of that call—here they are:

  • The Banking on our Future Campaign Toolkit—a comprehensive guide to taking action and spreading the word about why we need to break these Banks’ ties to the fossil fuel industry
  • Teach-In Resources—contains the action-items and Q&A responses offered during the call, covering things like where can I look for better credit card & banking options? and why is this an effective strategy for protecting our climate?
  • For those who would like to watch and share, click here for the recording of the Banks Teach-In
There’s never been a more important time to step up together to protect our climate and democracy. Please join our national call on March 23rd as we deepen our commitment to this shared work.
We’ll see you there,
Vanessa & the team at Third Act
PS—A bonus track on the 1970 album released by Shocking Blue might serve as a hint as to what we’ll be getting up to in April…
¹ https://www.nytimes.com/2022/03/18/us/politics/texas-primary-ballot-rejections.html

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