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Dear Jeanne,

As September closes, we are going out with a bang. RSVP to our last two events in September: All-In for GOTV & Election Protection and Responsible Finance: An overview of how to align your money with your values. Our time is now to make a difference!

September All-In Call

This month Third Actors are joined by Ronnie Cohen, Executive Director of Activate America, a key partner in mobilizing for the midterms who will share evidence about why post carding, phone banking, and other Get Out the Vote volunteer efforts are effective and necessary. You will also hear about other opportunities to get involved with election protection work – to secure those votes you worked so hard to inspire – with partners like Common Cause and Power the Polls. And examples of state and local work.

You’ll learn from our Supporter Spotlight on Pat Ferris from Sacramento, who has been spearheading bank manager meetings, organizing rallies at bank branches, and supporting other Third Act Working Groups to contribute to the Banking on our Future campaign. And you’ll get the latest from our organizing and campaign teams about upcoming actions you can take in October. You do not want to miss this!

Connect with us on September 28 at 8:00 PM ET/5:00 PM PT.

Responsible Finance Webinar: An overview of aligning your money with your values

The central goals of Third Act’s Banking on our Future campaign are to halt the flow of money financing the climate crisis and to move our money and credit cards away from the dirty banks and toward better financial institutions.

Third Act is hosting a 4-part series on Responsible Finance designed to answer your questions about how to make the switch.

You’ll hear from certified financial advisors, bank and personal finance experts, investment and retirement experts, and others about big-picture strategies and practical details to help you design your personal Responsible Finance Plan that’s good for you and the planet.

On September 29th, 4-5 pm ET/1-2 pm PT, connect at the first webinar in our Responsible Finance Series for an overview on how to align your money with your values. Our event features Timothy Yee, President of Green Retirement, Inc, and Gregory Wendt, a Certified Financial Planner and Director and Senior Wealth Advisor at Stakeholders Capital.

Together, they will provide an overview of approaches to and practical components of Personal Responsible Finance, how you can create an individual plan to align your money with your values, what levers individuals can pull within their finances, and what planning tools and expert advisors exist to help support people like you in your efforts to pursue green and responsible finance while also seeking good financial performance.

Join us on September 29, 2022 at  4-5 pm ET/1-2 pm PT.

Third Act
Sustainable Markets Foundation – 45 West 36th Street 6th floor
New York, New York 10018-7635

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