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Dear Jeanne,

Well, we’re off to a strong start this Fall! Third Actors kept busy all Summer and are gearing up for more. In this September Newsletter, we provide you with a variety of Calls to Action, especially around Mobilizing for the Midterms, and a list of upcoming events, including our All-In Call on September 28 and our first Responsible Finance event (first of a 4-part series on how to align your money with your values).

On September 8, Third Actors showed up in Washington DC to protest the Mountain Valley Pipeline and Senator Manchin’s “dirty side deal.” Check out this short video where you can see Third Act Virginia, Third Act Ohio, and fellow Third Actors from New York and DC marching to the protest.

And some climate irony: on September 13, extreme weather in Vermont prevented Bill McKibben from attending an in-person event at the White House to celebrate the signing of the Inflation Reduction Act – the largest climate bill and investment ever passed in the US. While Bill has been arrested 3 times outside the White House, he had hoped to get a glimpse of the inside of the White House and, more importantly, to persuade other members of Congress in attendance to oppose Senator Manchin’s efforts to promote further fossil fuel expansion and to congratulate youth activists for their leadership on climate action. You can read Bill’s Substack “On the Outside Looking In.”

We wrapped up our Senior-to-Senior outreach to schools with The Civics Center promoting youth voter registration drives at high schools and we hosted our first-ever Third Act Book Club. We’ll be hosting more Book Clubs in the future and we’ve got other election actions you can take. Read on….

In solidarity,

April Pina

Digital Associate

On behalf of the Third Act team


September Calls to Action

Check out the actions you can take in the next few weeks.

Mobilize for the Midterms

So many things you can do in the next 73 days before election day on Nov 8! Please choose from this great menu of volunteer opportunities:

  • National Voter Registration Day is September 20 – Use Third Act’s Turbovote site to check your voter registration, get notifications about deadlines, and share with youth in your life and ask them to register to vote online or even pledge to register (new for 15-17-year-olds). Super easy!
  • Get Out the Vote by writing Postcards to Voters with Third Act’s partner Activate America, especially encouraging voters in Wisconsin – a key state – to request their vote-by-mail ballot by the deadline. Postcards *do* help increase turnout!
  • Join in Election Protection Work – led by Common Cause – and sign-up for training to fight misinformation online or training to become a poll watcher. If you’re a legal professional, get trained to staff voter hotlines.
  • Sign-up with Third Act’s partner Power the Polls to become a poll worker (often a paid position) in your local election district.
  • Follow us on social media @ThirdActOrg for timely announcements of other voter registration, GOTV, and election protection activities.

Protect our Climate

  • Encourage the AARP to step-up on climate change by completing its “walk in my shoes” marketing survey asking older Americans what is affecting your lives – you don’t need to be a member. AARP is the largest paid-membership organization in the world with 38 million members and its magazine is the #1 largest circulation in the US. It is a powerful political force, helping pass the Affordable Care Act and the prescription drug price controls in the Inflation Reduction Act. If the US is to achieve its climate goals, we need AARP to join the climate fight! It is uniquely positioned to advance state and national climate policies, to educate its members about actions they can take that will help meet the Inflation Reduction Act’s goals of cutting emissions by 40%, and influence its business and member-benefit partners to commit to climate action.

    AARP is seeking input on its programs and advocacy agenda after the passage of the IRA and its prescription drug provisions, and this survey is a rare opportunity to leverage AARP’s own survey with our message: Tell AARP that the climate crisis is a top concern for you and how the climate crisis is affecting older Americans. Telling them through their market research channel will have maximum impact – the survey mentions health care and Social Security, but use this to share your climate concerns.  

    • The survey asks, “what do you want candidates to know about what it’s like to walk a day in your shoes, about your struggles?” It’s important to make this as personal as possible: share specific ways the climate crisis is already affecting your health (mentally and physically), increasing your worries about your children’s future, and whether you (and they) will have the financial resources to weather climate extremes. You can even upload a photo or a 30-second video.

September Supporter Spotlight

Check out the Third Act Sacramento Working Group’s protests at Bank of America, Chase, and Wells Fargo branches on September 12! See a great video and photos on Twitter. “Hey Chase – this isn’t funny, we need you to move our money!” “Chase Bank, You can’t hide, we know about your dirty side!” 

Upcoming Events

  • All-In Call Join September 28, 5pm PT/8 pm ET with special guests, music, and movement highlights. We’ll share campaign updates, what’s up next, and how you can plug in over the coming weeks.
  • Responsible Finance: An overview of how to align your money with your values – September 29, 1 pm PT/4 pm ET. Join this one-hour webinar–the first in our “Responsible Finance” series–with Timothy Yee, President of Green Retirement, Inc, and Gregory Wendt, a Certified Financial Planner and Director and Senior Wealth Advisor at Stakeholders Capital. Third Act is hosting a 4-part series on Responsible Finance designed to answer your questions. At each event, you will hear from certified financial advisors and other experts and advocates. You’ll learn big-picture strategies as well as practical approaches to help you design your personal Responsible Financial Plan and make choices that are good for you and for the planet.
  • Election Protection Workshops – Sign-up as an Election Protection volunteer. There are a variety of trainings and opportunities. Please visit this page.

Music Spotlight

Check out some of our favorite tracks from our past events. These songs were played at the Third Act Book Club: Paperback Writer, by the Beatles and Book of Love by the Monotones.

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