Hey there CATs!


This week we have updates from each of our CAT teams along with our general CAT updates. Our email is a little longer this week but you can’t get all of this information this concise and consolidated anywhere else!


General CAT Updates:


  • Quick! Quiz for those of you in our CAT Slack Channel!

    • Question: How can we build a healthy future for all? How can we champion the most effective and equitable climate actions? How do we win?

      • A) Shop at Costco

      • B) Learn how to play the guitar

      • C) Use the Equity Filter, our favorite CAT Community Tool, while working as a CAT organizer!

    • Answer: As much as we all love bulk-buying, using the CAT Equity Filter (C) is your ticket to making the change you wish to see in the world.

  • Equity Filter support:

    • Last session, we heard from many CAT volunteers that they were all in for climate justice, but wanted more support centering equity in their day-to-day work. So this year, we’re starting strong by lifting up the Equity Filter – a community tool that we use in CAT to learn together, develop new practices and build our relationships.

    • CAT volunteers have used the equity filter for 3 legislative cycles now, with some pretty impressive results, including more transparent and equitable decision-making, better onboarding for new volunteers, policy education on climate justice connections and more!

    • Got questions about the equity filter? Need support bringing it to your team? Want to learn more? Jess W is your equity filter support person and would love to chat! Reach out via Slack DM or email (jess@350seattle.org)


  • Peer Coaching!

    • We will be bringing peer coaching to CAT!

    • Stay tuned for a short form to sign-up for peer coaching this legislative session. No experience required and all CATs are welcome to participate – we’ll train on these new skills together!

    • Context: Peer coaching will be just another tool in the CAT toolbox (see image below (cat emoji :))  to provide support for volunteers and staff as we navigate complicated bills, the ups and downs of legislation, and the business that comes with enacting equitable climate policy.

      • We will send out more information about peer coaching, like when/where/how to use it in the CAT space! Stay tuned!



Specific CAT Teams Updates

  • For a general overview of what each of our CAT teams work on, check out this 2-pager overview.


From Our Data / Operations Team:

  • Upcoming meeting: Take Action Network (TAN) Overview Wednesday with Sarah 11/29 @ 4pm (zoom) ← Link here

    • This is relevant for all CATs!!!

    • As we switch to TAN for bill tracking and communications, us CATs need to know how to use the platform! Don’t miss this opportunity!

    • Can’t make it tomorrow? No stress – see Grace’s email from 11/28 with more info about TAN and additional training opportunities.

  • What else is going on with Data/Ops?

    • Upcoming meeting: Thursday 11/30 at 4pm is the Data/Ops team kick-off meeting! The team will connect to discuss our work for the 2024 legislative session – all are welcome to join.

    • On Friday, 12/1, Daniel, Peter and Robin will continue working on requirements for TAN to provide the best hand-off to simplify building our Action Surveys


From Our Bill Tracking Team:


From Our Comms Team:

  • Upcoming meeting: Comms Weekly Meeting Wednesday 11/29 5-6pm

  • Comms is currently working on 3 pre-session tasks:

    • Pre-session emails to go out to our action takers to introduce them to us, what they can expect, and lay some groundwork for the bills we track.

    • Recruitment graphics to support recruiting more action takers!

    • A website revamp! This will include redesigning the whole website and adding more content. Stay tuned for more info!


Furiendly reminder!:

  • Bookmark the 350 WA CAT Volunteer Guide! This guide should be your first stop in finding answers to questions you might have as we head into the legislative session

  • Bookmark the 350 WA CAT Google Calendar! We have lots of events every week and they are all linked in the CAT calendar!


Community CAT Spotlight!

  • Where would we all be without our furry friends? Send claire@350seattle.org a picture of your cat for a chance to be featured in our weekly community CAT spotlight!

  • This week’s CAT, Franklin, is a big fan of Christmas and is following closely along with our Forestry bill tracking area


Have a lovely week everyone. Stay warm!