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Third Act supporters at a climate rally
Dear Jeanne,

Our August 24 All-In call was packed with information and new ways you can take action.  If you missed us last week or would like to watch again, here is a link. 

A big theme of the call was exploring the impacts of the Inflation Reduction Act – the good, the bad, and the fights we still need to have. Congress took action on climate change last week, marking the first large-scale action on the biggest risk we’ve ever faced as a species. It is the start of our needed action on climate, not the end, and is a win for our climate work and democracy work – people power in action. Watch the recording to hear Bill McKibben’s insights into the positive impacts of the IRA – such as $300 billion for clean energy development, acceleration of electric vehicles and heat pumps, and more. You’ll also hear from our friends in Third Act Virginia, who are appealing for all of us to keep fighting against the dirty side deals being proposed by Senator Manchin that would also accelerate and lock us into more fossil fuel pipelines and infrastructure for decades to come. There’s a big action in Washington, DC, on September 8 to fight to stop the Mountain Valley Pipeline – if you are in the area, please join! And even if you are not, you can still help.

Please read on to get the calls to action for climate and democracy, info about the Sept 8 action, and links to upcoming events shared on the All-In Call.

Thanks for all you do!

April Pina, Digital Associate
Third Act

And the team at Third Act

P.S. Want to listen to the music played during our August All-In Call? Here is the intro and outro music!

Take Action: Block Manchin’s “Dirty Deal”

To secure passage of the IRA and Senator Manchin’s needed vote, Congress pledged to move forward what is being called “the Manchin-American Petroleum Institute side deal” – a dirty deal to fast-track new oil and gas projects. That’s the bad news. The good news is: there is actually a path to stop this side deal. Hard, but not hopeless.

Our Founder, Bill McKibben, has been talking with Ro Khanna, the Congressman from California, who predicted that there would be a full on fight in the House about whether or not to adopt it. And there’s a “Dear Colleague” letter being organized by Representative Grijalva to send to House Leadership to oppose this side deal. So, now is the time to write your Members of Congress and urge them to OPPOSE the Manchin-API side deal.


Join the Fight in DC & beyond: Oppose the Mountain Valley Pipeline & the Dirty Side Deal

Frontline communities are being used as bargaining chips in Senators Manchin and Schumer’s dirty side deal aimed at fast-tracking permits for fossil fuel projects and threatening bedrock environmental laws. This is unacceptable. But let it be known that the resistance is organized and bringing the fight to DC. If passed, this would gut bedrock environmental protections, threaten tribal authority, endanger public health, cut public input, fast-track fossil fuel projects, and push approval for Manchin’s pet project, the Mountain Valley Pipeline. We can’t allow our communities to be sacrificed again to more oil and gas drilling, pipelines, petrochemical buildout, and climate disasters! Join us on Sept 8th by making our voices clear: ‘We are not your sacrifice zones! #StopMVP and  Manchin’s Dirty Deal!’.

Join frontline leaders in a rally on Sept 8th outside the U.S. Capitol to demand that our U.S. Senators and Representatives stop Manchin’s dirty deal.

If you are heading to DC, please find other Third Actors (some are coming from NYC and Ohio). Look for the distinctive Third Act Virginia banner with artwork that says “Old & Bold.” You can get more coordination info by contacting Third Act Virginia organizers at 

If you are not in the area, you can still help to fight – visit this link.


Democracy Panel: Join Us for our Democracy Teach-in September 7, 2022

You will hear from a variety of speakers, including the Brennan Center for Justice, Common Cause, and Apiary Practical Support, among others. You will learn about the history of systemic injustices in our democracy and connections to climate injustices, a round-up of current voting rights laws and policies (restrictive and expansive), opportunities for civic engagement beyond voting (protest, sit-ins, policy advocacy), opportunities for mutual aid, direct and participatory democracy, and yes, how voting and elections in this year’s midterms do indeed matter and what we can do.

RSVP Today >>


San Francisco Bay Working Group Launch

We are launching the SF Bay Area Working Group on September 13th! Its launch is the 17th Working Group since our organization began. Third Act is not here to build another organization working on climate democracy. We are here to build a movement of people, like you, from all over the country who know that there is no time to waste. People who want to use their skills that we’ve amassed in our decades and decades of living. You can find out more about Third Act’s SF Bay Working Group on our website.

Not in the Bay Area, but know someone who is? You can share this link with them.


A Culture of Participation

At Third Act, we want to create a culture of participation in our democracy.  Our Senior-to-Senior tribute videos are created by Third Actors sharing what democracy means to them. Videos strive to illustrate intergenerational wisdom, like a grandparent talking to a grandchild or an older person talking to a younger person about what is democracy? What is voting? And what do they really mean to us? Once recorded, Third Actors can share their videos on our Third Act tribute page, and we can share them on social media and beyond. We shared on our All-In Call the video recorded by a grandmother/grandson duo!

Record your Tribute Video. >>

Due to the overwhelming response, we added another date for the Third Act Book Club.

Hosted By Anna Goldstein, the Third Act Book Club is a new event series that gives Third Actors the chance to connect with authors and scholars alike.

We HIGHLY encourage everyone to try and find our book club selections at their local libraries or from a friend!


Join us on September 13th, 2022, at 5:00 PM PT/8:00 PM ET.

Register here >>

Please note: Registration is limited to 300 attendees. 

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