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We asked, and you delivered — Washingtonians have been sharing some incredible stories about why they are saying Yes on 1631.

“As a person living with asthma, I am not invincible. When air pollution is stagnant or wildfire smoke hovers over the state for weeks at a time, my ability to conduct daily activities is diminished. I have trouble focusing at work, can’t spend time outside, and certainly can’t enjoy weekend hikes and kayak trips. Washington’s children, families, and workers deserve clean air.”
— Melissa S., East King County

“By sharing our love of hiking and backpacking with our granddaughters, my husband and I hope to instill in them a love, awe, and respect for our beautiful state.”
— Teri S., Duvall

Now, we want to hear your story! Share why saying YES to 1631 is so important to you!

Thank you for showing us how dedicated you are to keeping Washington clean and healthy.

Can’t wait to hear your stories,

Team Yes on 1631



I-1631 is Washington’s first step towards reducing pollution and ensuring a cleaner future for the next generation. Click here to learn more about how this will protect our state’s health, our air, and drinking water, and create new clean energy jobs across the state.


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