Jeanne, the media may have moved on from covering the movement to Stop Cop City – but our progress is still ongoing and our work is far from over.

Let’s get you up to speed.

First, our partners on the ground made major headway during the latest Week of Action. They spread awareness about the dangers of Cop City to the Weelaunee Forest and the people of Atlanta and grew the movement through joy, love, art and action. For a closer look at the Week of Action, you can watch our recap video – just click here.

Unfortunately, the Atlanta police took this as an opportunity to escalate their aggression towards protesters and suppress their freedom of speech. At the Week of Action kick-off, police arrested 23 forest defenders and charged them with Domestic Terrorism. 10 of these activists are still being held without bond.

Police have tried to justify the arrests with the fact that activists had legal support number hotlines written on their arms, but simply wanting to be prepared and have access to a lawyer – particularly given police history of escalation and repression in the US – is not a crime.

Still, the state’s increasingly frantic and dangerous response demonstrates the strength of the people power coming out of Atlanta and supported across the country and world. It’s clear that they feel we can win, and that they’ll stop at nothing to silence us. We won’t let them.

Which brings us to the next step in the movement to Stop Cop City: demanding insurance companies drop the project. Right now, the Atlanta Police Foundation has secured coverage from Scottsdale Insurance, a subsidiary of Nationwide.

Construction for the project can’t happen without insurance, so we’re asking for your help to ramp up public pressure and urge Nationwide and Scottsdale Insurance to drop Cop City. You can take action by calling the phone numbers listed here:

Want to do more? We need as many supporters in this fight as possible and there is no shortage of ways for you to get involved from home, including:

  • Making calls to the DeKalb County and Fulton County DAs, and the Georgia Attorney General and demanding they drop the charges against the detained forest defenders. For contact information, just click here.
  • Organizing a solidarity action from your home. There are a wide range of targets you can choose from and actions you can take, including making calls, flyering, and staging a public protest. You can click here to learn more.
  • Donating to the movement through The Atlanta Solidarity Fund.

This latest Week of Action might be over, but the fight to Stop Cop City and defend our forests will continue with all the joy, love, art and action that we can muster.


Team 350


PO Box 843004, Boston, MA 02284-3004

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