Dear STMP Friends,

📣📣 It’s time for us to collectively dismantle white supremacy in our organizations! 📣📣

You are invited to participate in a four-part workshop series that the STMP Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) Team is hosting for recipients of STMP’s Grassroots Action Grants.


August 23rd, 4-6 PT / 5-7 MT / 6-8 CT / 7-9 ET

Why Equity and Organizing trainings? Not only is challenging the legacies of racism, colonialism and patriarchy the right thing to do from any moral point-of-view, but we know that can only win if we build a multiracial, intersectional movement that is powerful enough to take on Wall Street.

One of the biggest barriers to winning is racism, patriarchy, and other systems of oppression – and how they show up in our organizations and prevent us from building the power we need. As such, these workshops are designed to not only help us be better people and better organizers, but to run better, more effective campaigns as a result.

Things to know about the Equity and Organizing Training Series

  • These trainings will be led by Ericka Taylor. Ericka is the Popular Education Manager for the Take on Wall Street campaign of Americans for Financial Reform. Immediately prior to joining Take on Wall Street, she served as a Co-Director of DC Working Families Party. Ericka has over 25 years of experience in popular education, organizing, and advocacy, including serving on the boards or steering committees of the National Organizers Alliance, Progressive Technology Project, YouthAction, Western States Center, National Priorities Project, La Clínica del Pueblo, and Jews United for Justice. Ericka is also a regular review contributor to NPR Books, and her writing has appeared in Willow Springs Magazine, Bloom, and The Millions.

  • These trainings are designed to support white-identifying organizers in furthering their anti-racism and anti-oppressions skills.

    If you identify as BIPOC or as multiracial and would like to attend, you are welcome to do so; however, please note that the trainings are particularly geared to supporting white organizers in developing the skills required to dismantle white supremacy and other systems of oppression in their own organizing and organizations.

    More on this: We are not making this an exclusively white caucus space, as the STMP JEDI Team recognizes that white supremacy and oppression can also be perpetuated by people of color. However, we also recognize the emotional labor that BIPOC folks often disproportionately take on when doing anti-oppression work with white organizers. To that end, we will strive to ensure that the trainings are beneficial to all that attend.

  • You are welcome to send as many people as you like from your organization to attend the trainings. However, we hope that you will consider sending at least one organizer to the workshops. Participation in the workshops will be considered when STMP is making grassroots grants in 2023. (Unless you are a BIPOC-led group in which case your participation in the workshops will not be a considered factor in the 2023 grant cycle.)

  • The workshops are designed to be sequential and to build on one another. To that end, we encourage you to attend all of them. However, if you can only attend two or three, we encourage you to still join us.

    Stop the Money Pipeline: Equity & Organizing Training Series

    Session 1, How White Supremacy Shows Up in Organizing Spaces
    When: August 23rd, 4-530PT/7-830ET

    What: We will explore what white supremacy is, how it shows up in movement organizations (in both implicit and explicit ways) and what we can do to tackle white supremacy in our organizing and make our groups more welcoming spaces for BIPOC folks.


    Session 2, Building Solidarity Across Lines of Difference
    When: Tuesday, September 27th, 4-530PT / 7-830ET

    What: We will explore what white supremacy is and how it shows up in movement organizations (both implicitly and explicitly). We will go deep on what we can do to tackle white supremacy in our organizing, how we can center and respect the leadership of BIPOC, and how we can build more powerful coalitions and alliances across racial difference.


    Session 3, Distributing Organizational Power & Labor
    When: Tuesday, October 25th, 4-530PT / 7-830ET

    What: We will look at how inequities can be embedded in organizational structures and culture. We will explore different examples of organizations that have proactively addressed their structure and culture to make their spaces more transparent, accessible and equitable.


    Session 4, Bringing It All Together
    When: Tuesday, November, 22nd, 4-530PT / 7-830ET

    What: This is when we bring it all together. We will reflect on what we have learned about dismantling white supremacy, building meaningful partnerships across lines of difference, and how equity is – and is not – reflected in our organizational structures and cultures. We will spend time creating plans to actualize our learnings together.


If you have any questions about the workshops, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

I’m super excited to join the workshops myself, and hope that I will see you – and others from your organization – there.

Alec – on behalf of the STMP JEDI Team* _______________________ * STMP JEDI Team = Aki, Positive Money; Erika Thi & Tab, ACRE; Ruth, RAN; Kerrina, Divest Ed; Jason, Sunrise Project; Brenna, IEN;  Jackie & Alec, STMP;

Alec Connon
Stop the Money Pipeline, Coalition Co-Director
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