Wall Street is fueling the climate crisis, poisoning communities, and causing widespread environmental destruction. The power plants, oil rigs, and pipelines that are harming frontline communities and cooking the planet wouldn’t be possible without Wall Street’s money. So we’re laying the blame at the feet of the big banks, insurance companies, asset managers, and pension funds who are bankrolling the crisis. 

This fall, we know we will see a series of climate disasters: wildfires, hurricanes and floods.It is vital that people not only connect the dots between climate change & the extreme weather events, but are able to connect the dots between the extreme weather events and the corporations responsible. So, over this time period, we will organize actions across the country that lays the blame for climate impacts where it belongs: Wall Street’s doorstep.

We’ll have one regional flagship action in San Francisco, and dozens more actions across the country. These actions will send a direct message to our targets, highlight their role in the climate crisis, environmental destruction, and community destabilization, grow the number of people engaged in climate finance work, and allow us to innovate on our previous tactics. 

Location, Scale, and Escalation

Actions will take place across the United States and Canada. We are asking local groups to step outside their comfort zone and take an action that is more escalated than ones they’ve organized in the past. Escalation can mean many things: engaging in civil disobedience, greater risk to action takers, greater knowledge of your targets, more people at the action, holding a space for a longer period of time, repeating an action daily over the course of a week, directly targeting an executive. The STMP team is here to support you in brainstorming new, innovative tactics for your group that will disrupt our Wall Street targets! 

Support for Action Takers

If your group wants to take action, STMP will support you every step of the way! We’ll help you set up an Action Network page and promote your action to people in your area using our email list, provide toolkits and resources to help you with action design, host trainings to skill you up, provide printable art for your actions, and connect you with action coaches and other action leads around the country if you’d like. We’ll have an action grant fund, through which local action leads can apply for up to $1,000 to support their events. 

Get Involved

We’d love to have you join us! To talk about setting up an action, or if you just have questions, please reach out to arielle@stopthemoneypipeline.com