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Roger Hallam was arrested in November 2022 and charged with criminal conspiracy because of his involvement with Just Stop Oil highway blockades. Roger was “remanded” to prison, which in the United Kingdom means confined without bail. His application for bail was denied on January 18, 2023, and he is still incarcerated.

But he is not silent.  Roger communicates through his supporters; for example, by releasing letters from prison. Last week Roger announced a new podcast:  Designing the Revolution (through telephone calls from Wadsworth Prison).

As Roger explains: “There are two main “in denial” views of our future. One is that somehow things will “get back to normal,” i.e. the view of the elites and their administrators, and the other is that we are “done for”. Both assume no agency and so, conveniently, no responsibility. The historical record, however, shows that between “normality” and “collapse” is revolution – the explosion of prosocial collective consciousness. A surge of social fluidity which produces massive agency for those who grasp the opportunity . . . These 40 podcasts will give a detailed analysis of what that responsibility needs to involve if this global search for new ways to live together is to move in a progressive direction rather than degenerate into hedonism, nihilism, and fascism.”

Designing the Revolution is now available on Soundcloud and Spotify.



For Roger’s full description of Designing the Revolution, to hear Louise Harris read “The English Gulag,” and for a curated list of Roger’s videos, go to this link.

Some of Roger’s letters can be found on the Global Climate Crimes Project website:

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