Hi y’all,

With climate disasters raging across the globe, we’ve launched the Blame Wall Street mobilization & call to action.

Here’s how you & your organization can help:

1)🔥 Use this Amplification Toolkit to Promote the Campaign Launch 🔥

Next Wednesday, September 7th, we’re hosting a campaign kick-off event. On the call, we will share our plans to hold Wall Street accountable this fall, explain what you can expect in terms of support if you sign up to organize an action, and hear from survivors of the Paradise Camp Fire who are supporting the Blame Wall Street campaign MC: Erika Thi Patterson, Action Center on Race and the Economy Speakers: Allen Myers, Regenerating Paradise; Xiomara Chingate, Sunrise Project; Eileen Flannigan, EQAT; Emily Park, 350 Wisconsin, and Arielle Swernoff & Alec Connon, Stop the Money Pipeline
Can you help us promote the Blame Wall Street Campaign Launch by sending an email to your supporters and promoting it on social media?

2) 🌎 If you plan to organize an action, register it on the Blame Wall Street website. 🌎

So far, there are actions confirmed in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, LA, Portland, Philadelphia, and more. Are you planning an action to hold Wall Street accountable this fall? If so, register it on the Blame Wall Street map & an organizer will be in touch to support your action planning.

3) 🎨 Sign up to receive Blame Wall Street Art 🎨

We’ve partnered with a host of amazing movement artists & musicians to create new art and song for the campaign. You can check out the Blame Wall Street Arts Kit here — and sign up to have art mailed to your home for use in your actions  (or, um, pasting up on walls).

And don’t forget to join us on the regular STMP Coalition Call tomorrow, where we’ll share more about the campaign & be hearing updates from across the coalition.

In Solidarity
– Alec


Climate disasters are harming communities around the world. Extreme flooding in Pakistan has killed at least 1,100 people, displaced over 300,000 and impacted over 30 million. This weekend, temperatures in parts of California are projected to hit 115°F. The National Weather Service has warned that for parts of the state “the entire population is at risk” of deadly heat.

And yet, Wall Street continues to provide tens of billions of dollars for new oil, coal, and gas projects that will only make the climate crisis worse.

That’s why, today, we’re launching a new campaign ― Blame Wall Street ― calling for escalated actions to hold the funders of climate chaos accountable for the extreme weather events that are harming communities.

Blame Wall Street for the drought that is causing the Great Salt Lake and Lake Mead to vanish. Blame Wall Street for the fires and drought raging across California. Blame Wall Street for the flooding that has destroyed swathes of Yellowstone, Kentucky, Mississippi and Pakistan. Blame Wall Street for the extreme heat that has killed crops across the Midwest and the world.

Blame Wall Street because it is their greed that is fanning the flames of the climate crisis.

But we’re not just blaming Wall Street for these climate disasters ― we’re holding them accountable, too.

This fall, as climate disasters ravage communities around the world, we’re calling for a wave of escalated actions on the banks, insurers and investors funding the climate crisis.

There are already actions being planned in New York, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Chicago, LA, and Portland. If you live in a city where an action is already being planned, we encourage you to sign up to join in.

Wherever you live, we want to support you in organizing an action in your community. Over the next few weeks, we will provide training on Action Planning, Non-Violent Direct Action, and How to Use Arts in Your Action. If you sign up to organize an action, you’ll receive 1:1 coaching from an experienced action practitioner. We’ll also provide a number of action grants to help cover the costs associated with your action, and we’ll provide you with movement art for your actions.

Will you sign up to organize an action in your community this fall & help hold Wall Street accountable for its role in the climate crisis? Once you sign up, an organizer will be in touch to learn how we can best support you in your organizing.

Wall Street has been lying to us for far too long, promising to start taking the climate crisis seriously as it continues to fund a massive buildout of coal, oil, and gas. It is this corporate greed that is to blame for the climate disasters devastating communities around the world.

It’s time to hold the funders of climate chaos accountable.

In Solidarity,
– the Stop the Money Pipeline

Alec Connon
Stop the Money Pipeline, Coalition Co-Director
writer’s website: www.alecconnon.com

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