Our nation can no longer afford private ownership of the railroads; the general welfare demands that they be brought under public ownership.”

Jeanne —

We recently had the honor of hosting a virtual panel of heroes!  Labor leaders and environmental justice organizers came together to share their stories and lock arms for a struggle that is truly transformational – putting US railroads back into service of public interests, rather than Wall Street greed. 

Read UE’s resolution to put US railroads under public ownership. This resolution builds upon the Green Locomotive program they lobbied for at the beginning of the Biden Administration. Both address important impacts on and demands o EJ communities.

Solutionary Rail’s Panel Discussion featured Carl Rosen, General President of the United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America (UE), Scott Slawson, President of UE Local 506 that represents workers at Wabtec, in Erie, PA, and some leading EJ organizers from around the country, including Ivette Torres (People’s Collective for Environmental Justice), mark! Lopez (East Yard Communities for Environmental Justice), and Yvette Arellano (Fenceline Watch).

The webinar – one of the most compelling we’ve ever hosted – was simulcast in both English and Spanish.

Watch it HERE

Spanish version HERE

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Solutionary Rail is committed to continue convening and fostering the growth of an unconventional alliance to put US railroads in service of public interests.

For nearly a decade, SR has been engaged in the research, relationship building, and hard work necessary to be a catalyst for change at this pivotal moment.

This panel discussion is just one of the many signs that our efforts are paying off. Help us keep the momentum growing

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