💥⚡️To all my fellow climate organizers in the Pacific Northwest, ⚡️💥

Some of you may have seen this immediate call for action from my colleague Dominique at 350.org that arrived in your inbox earlier today. Dominique, a Black woman who is a regional organizer with 350, has specific action requests for all of us who organize at local groups about how we can show up for Black Lives at this moment  ― I hope you will read Dom’s whole email below. 

As organizers at local 350 groups all across the Pacific Northwest, we have the opportunity to show up in a major way right now by wholeheartedly responding to this clarion call from Black leadership within 350.org.

Thank you all for your ongoing commitment to centering justice in the work we do together, and I hope you can respond to Dominique’s request for support in every way that you are able.

If you are interested in joining the 350 WA Conversation space for our regular weekly meeting this evening 6pm-7:30pm PST (even if you are outside of the state of Washington), here is the link to register. I imagine this will be the central subject that we will reflect upon together this evening.

Your fellow climate organizer,

Grace Hope, she/her


———- Forwarded message ———
From: Dominique Thomas – 350.org <dominique.thomas@350.org>
Date: Mon, Jun 1, 2020 at 1:53 PM
Subject: Call to action to support the Movement for Black Lives
To: Grace Hope <pnworganizer@350.org>


Hello local 350 group leaders,

The past week has been especially rough for me. As a Black woman, I am always aware there is a high level threat to my life. This fear has been heightened during the pandemic given we account for the highest unemployment rates, most hospitalizations, and most deaths–and the rise of white authoritarianism demanding states to reopen. More specifically, when I see videos of anti-black state violence against the lives and bodies of Black people and Black communities, it reaches a fever pitch.

The murder of George Floyd was horrific. The murder of Breonna Taylor was horrific. The murder of Ahmaud Arbery was horrific. The murder of Sean Reed was horrific. The murder of Tony McDade was horrific. The murder of all the people whose names and faces we do not know is absolutely horrific. It’s not just these sanctioned murders that have me weary, but it is the way in which some white people in this country utilize the non-existent threat of blackness to weaponize their privilege. This happened in NYC with Amy Cooper and in Minneapolis with Tom Austin. Both of these people called the police on Black people for no legitimate reason. Their reasoning? A feeling of “threat to their life” and/or a feeling “these people don’t belong here”. They knew exactly what they were doing–their actions very likely could have led to the death of a Black person. The officer who murdered George has been arrested and charged. But that is not enough. Being Black means living in a constant traumatized state in this country and there is no reprieve in sight.

When we think about climate justice, we can not forget about how white supremacy aims to snuff the life out of black people, both metaphorically and literally. Climate is a threat multiplier and in order to gain collective liberation we have to be more radical, more nimble and intersectional in our work by showing up in meaningful, intentional ways for Black people. 350.org has released this statement and I implore you all to take the time out of your schedule to read this and to engage with the actions.

I’m also asking you to use the platform you have as a local 350 group leader to amplify the demands of black organizers using whatever tools and strengths you have–whether that is using your email list to share information with your group members and supporters, amplifying via social media, organizing a COVID-safe in-person protest, etc. The Movement for Black Lives (MB4L) is calling for a week of action June 1st to 5th In Defense of Black Lives.

Text ‘ActionNOW’ to 90975 to get regular updates. There is an uprising occurring across the nation to demand justice, to demand change and to demand black lives are not considered 3/5th a person. If you have questions around “looting”, I suggest you read this article demanding you think critically about the life of a person versus the state of property.

Over the next few months, we will be calling on you all to be sharper in your analysis and strategizing to ensure we are working from the intersections of climate and racial justice, changing culture and centering Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) communities, specifically black people. 350.org will be doing this work alongside you.



P.S. We’ll be reaching out again tomorrow to invite you to a call about what we must do to dismantle white supremacy.

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