Kevin –

Ballots are mailed tomorrow!!! After 5 years of hard work to get us this far, the next 18 days are the most important of the entire Yes on 1631 campaign. This is the time people are casting their votes; now is absolutely the key time for us to be speaking with voters.

Can you click here to find a Yes on 1631 volunteer event this weekend? Can you sign up for 1, 2, 3 or more events between now and November 6th?

As Naomi Klein put it in her recent endorsement of I-1631: “Yes on 1631 means clean energy, good jobs, and protected forests; a truly just transition for people and communities in Washington state. That’s why Big Oil has spent $20 million to try and stop us.” And it’s that money from Big Oil that makes it so vital that we have thousands of volunteers out there over the next 18 days talking to WA Voters.

Right now, there are over 470 volunteer events registered. Can you sign up for one?


If you live in Seattle I’ll make it easy for you and let you know that there are events this weekend on…

 at 10AM in Maple Leaf – 10AM, in Wedgwood — 3PM in Beacon Hill   
Sunday at 10AM in Wallingford – 10AM in the Central District10AM in Columbia City — 1230PM in Wallingford – 1PM in Downtown  

And if you live on the east side of Lake Washington there are events in Fall City on Saturday at 10 – Redmond, Saturday at 1130 and Bellevue on Sunday at 2 and Redmond, Sunday at 10, as well as events in Everett at 930 on Saturday –  Edmonds on Saturday at 1Kent at 2 on Sunday and Saturday at 10 in Des Moines

And there are another 470 or so volunteer events all across Washington that you can find here.

And if you really can’t get out and canvass there are two other really great ways to help:

  1. Sign up to phone bank from your own home by clicking here.
  2. Send an email to your WA state contacts using Voter Circle — Voter Circle lets you do this quickly and easily, and ensures that only your WA state contacts get emailed. You can use Voter Circle to send a message to your contacts by clicking here.  

Big Oil has been fighting climate action for over thirty years. We can’t let them win this one.

Thank you for anything you are able to do to help
350 Seattle