March to End Fossil Fuels

Jeanne, are you ready to be part of the solution and fight for a fossil free future? This September, you’re invited to the largest climate march since 2020:

In partnership with People vs. Fossil Fuels, will be marching to demand President Biden take bold action to end the era of fossil fuels — but it will take all of us acting together to make sure he does. Will you join us?


This is not just another protest, Jeanne. This is a powerful movement of change that builds on our momentum from actions this spring, and we need your presence to make a resounding impact. If you come to NYC for the march, you will have other opportunities to take meaningful climate action that week as well — more on that soon. This opportunity comes at a critical moment: the march is right before the U.N.’s Climate Ambition Summit.

The Climate Ambition Summit is a first-its-kind meeting and the U.N.’s Secretary General has announced that the ‘ticket to entry’ for world leaders is commitment to ending fossil fuel expansion. Still, the Biden administration has continued to greenlight mega-polluting fossil fuel projects.

All eyes will be on the summit, so we have an important opportunity to leverage national and international pressure and force Biden to change course.

By marching together, we will send a clear message to our world leaders — especially President Biden — that it’s time to put an end to the era of fossil fuels and invest in a clean and sustainable future for all. Join us and be part of the movement that will shape a sustainable and just future for all:



Team 350


PO Box 843004, Boston, MA 02284-3004

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