Hi Jeanne,


Our organizers are hard at work mobilizing youth and communities across the United States to end the era of fossil fuels. As heat records are being broken day after day, we need your support more than ever.


This September in New York, the United Nations will gather world leaders for a first-of-its-kind Climate Ambition Summit to demand that nations end fossil fuel expansion and begin oil and gas phase out.


On September 15th, activists across the world will demand climate justice in their country with a Global Climate Strike. The science is clear and the political pathways ever more so – we have to and can end the era of fossil fuels. The people of the world are united in this, it’s just the political will that’s missing. To find and sign up for an action near you, visit fightfossilfuels.net.

(And keep checking back! Actions will be added on a rolling basis. To help the Fridays for Future local group near you plan their strike to be added to the map, visit fridaysforfutureusa.org/local-groups.)

Currently, President Biden does not meet the criteria for the Climate Ambition Summit. It’s time for Biden to pick a side: is he with us, or is he with the fossil fuel CEOs destroying our planet and polluting our communities? Biden broke his promise to lead the US off fossil fuels. Instead of championing climate justice as he said he would, he’s expanded oil and gas drilling, production, and export. President Biden recently approved a handful of mega fossil fuel projects, including the Willow Oil Drilling Project and the Mountain Valley Pipeline. But it’s not too late for Biden to reverse course. He must take real action to end fossil fuels by stopping new fossil fuel projects, phasing out oil and gas drilling on our public lands and waters, and declaring a climate emergency to turbo-charge a just clean energy future.


On September 17th, all eyes will be on New York as thousands gather at the March to End Fossil Fuels to send a clear message to our world leaders: it’s time to put an end to the era of fossil fuels and invest in a clean and sustainable future for all.

  • If you are within driving distance of NYC, you can find a March Hub or sign up to be a captain of your own hub, volunteer in NYC, or donate to Fridays for Future US to support our organizing efforts.
  • If you are not within driving distance of NYC or can’t come for any reason, we still need your help! Volunteer from afar, help spread the word, or donate to Fridays for Future US to support our organizing efforts.

This September, as world leaders discuss climate action at the United Nations in New York, people on every continent will join the largest-ever globally coordinated action to demand that governments end fossil fuels. The climate crisis is escalating but so is the global movement for climate justice. We need all hands on deck to win this fight. Are you in?


In solidarity,

Fridays for Future US