Hi Jeanne,
This is an interesting e-mail.  Teresa Ribera, Vice President of Spain,  was recently tapped to lead a new branch of the International Energy Agency that seeks to promote renewable energies. The attached post invites any and all to send  Ms Ribera a little note to encourage her in her new role and also to convey to her how important her job is.  Maybe other folks in our group would like to participate.

Big Oil is fighting hard against a bombshell report that says we must stop all new coal, oil, and gas projects. This historic move by the world’s top energy agency could fast-track our transition to a clean and safe future, but they need a powerful ally fast to join the fight. Teresa Ribera can be the climate hero the agency needs to stop the big polluters lobby and end the fossil fuel era for good. Send her an encouraging message now:
Dear friends,
This is what the end of the fossil fuel era may look like.

After decades spent derailing climate ambition, and in the face of enormous public pressure, the world’s top energy body, the International Energy Agency, just announced in a bombshell report that the only way to keep our future safe is to keep fossil fuels in the ground!

Since its founding, big oil countries have discretely pulled the IEA’s strings to increase global fossil fuel addiction. But this historic move could fast-track a global recovery, steering trillions of dollars towards clean energy! That’s why big oil is pushing back so furiously. Whether they succeed depends on climate champions stepping up — and that’s where we come in.

Spanish Vice President Teresa Ribera chairs the intergovernmental organisation supporting countries in their transition to a sustainable energy future, and she is known worldwide as a climate hero. If we lift her up with massive public backing, Ribera could start an unstoppable wave of global support towards the IEA’s bold move, stare down the biggest polluters, and prompt real action in the next crucial weeks.

Our children’s future is at stake. Write her a short, encouraging message and Avaaz will deliver it directly to her desk:

Every year, policymakers and investors use the IEA’s flagship report, the World Energy Outlook (WEO), to decide where to place their trillion-dollar investments; and big polluters like Shell and ExxonMobile hide behind it to justify their climate-wrecking business.

IEA Chief Fatih Birol’s break up with big polluters surprised many. And now he’s under massive pressure to steer the agency away from ambitiously embracing renewable energy. Strong public backing in the next weeks is exactly what he needs to stay strong.

As chair of the influential International Renewable Energy Agency, Teresa Ribera can become a powerful political ally. She can provide critical support for Fatih Birol and urge the IEA to go one step further, putting the goal of maintaining temperature rise below 1.5º at the core of this year’s WEO.

Click below and write now a short, personal message to Teresa Ribera:

From raging wildfires to torrential flooding and long-term droughts, the climate crisis has arrived. But this could also be the year in which we finally scale up our immediate action and ambition to combat global warming, and jumpstart our transition to a cleaner, safer future for all.

With hope and determination,

Patricia, Bert, Martyna, Nax, Daniel, John and the entire team at Avaaz

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