One of the largest energy companies on the West Coast is planning a 14-story tall, liquefied fracked gas project for Tacoma, Washington. The project threatens the local community and the stability of our climate by doubling down on dirty energy. What’s more, it was initially approved without any meaningful consultation of the local Puyallup Tribe.


The good news is we still have a chance to stop this facility from being built, as the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency just started a comment period on a supplemental environmental review.


Prevent this massive fracked gas hub from being built by submitting a comment today!


While construction of this enormous fracked gas tank at the Port of Tacoma has already begun, it still needs a final permit from the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency— meaning that the project is delayed until the environmental study is completed. That give us just a short window to submit comments and prevent this unnecessary dirty energy project.


We know that most “natural” gas is fracked, and that when we consider how dirty that process is, gas is often as bad as coal or heavy fuel oil. Building more fracked gas infrastructure now commits the company to decades of buying gas from fracking wells with massive methane leaks. In light of the latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, we know we don’t have decades to spare. The time is now to turn to clean energy alternatives and say no to new fossil fuels.


We know we can win this fight, because earlier this year the Air Agency dealt the project a setback, requiring further significant environmental review on the climate impacts of this fracked gas infrastructure proposal. and our allies have stopped and delayed dozens of similar fossil fuel projects up and down the West Coast, from oil trains in San Luis Obispo, all the way up to pipelines in northern Canada. Now is the time to stop this project for good!


Let’s tell the Clean Air Agency to conduct the strongest environmental review possible and reject this dirty natural gas facility.


Activists like you have made it clear from the beginning that we don’t need or want this LNG facility in Washington. Let’s shut down this bad project once and for all!


Thank you,

Sarah Farbstein

Power Past Fracked Gas