Jeanne –

In two weeks, world leaders are gathering in Dubai to make critical decisions about our future at COP28 — one of the most important global climate negotiations.

This year, we are heading to COP28 with two key demands: shut down the fossil fuel industry and shift our world to 100% justly sourced and implemented renewable energy.

The Biden administration will be negotiating with other countries to set the course for the future of our planet. And we need to remind him that we need strong and bold climate action now.

This is where you come in, Jeanne. We are sending thousands of emails today directly to Biden’s administration demanding they commit to a 100% renewable energy future before COP28 starts. Can you add your name now?


Throughout his first term, President Biden and his administration have made some strides in clean energy and transportation. But we know that the U.S. also plays an outsized role in causing the climate crisis and is now the world’s largest producer and exporter of fossil fuels, outpacing Russia and Saudi Arabia.1 Meanwhile, climate impacts continue to intensify — including dangerous flooding in the UAE where COP28 is being held.2

So to prevent further climate chaos, we need to keep up the pressure on Biden and his administration to accelerate the global energy transition by being a true champion for a 100% renewable energy future.

As we approach COP28, let’s build on this momentum and advocate for an equitably sourced and distributed renewable energy system.

Sign our petition to ask President Biden’s administration at COP28 to aim for 100% renewable energy, contributing to a global push for a just energy future.

Thank you for working towards securing a livable, thriving planet for generations to come.

– JL Andrepont

1 – New York Times

2 – The National News


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