One average package of instant ramen is made of 20% palm oil — that’s a lot of Conflict Palm Oil when you take a company like Nissin who is falling behind on its rainforest policies …

Imagine walking down the aisles of your local grocery store looking for the food with the highest amount of palm oil — which product would you pick? I bet a lot of you would end up in the cookies & candy aisle, but the product that’s got more palm oil than any other is … (drumroll)

Instant ramen.

In one average package of ramen noodles it’s a whopping 20 percent of the ingredients! That’s a lot of Conflict Palm Oil for a company like Nissin — especially when they’re falling behind on critical rainforest policies. That’s why Nissin Foods, Asia’s market leader, matters SO. MUCH in protecting our rainforests.

The not-so funny thing is, Nissin made a sustainability-focused website that literally says “DO IT NOW!” And last year, Nissin doubled its profits — partly thanks to the pandemic increasing the demand for instant food. But “a difficult past year” clearly won’t cut it as an excuse for delaying bold commitments and policies this time around.

Let’s tell Nissin’s US-leadership: DO IT NOW and cut Conflict Palm Oil out of your entire supply chain!

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Even after years of pressure, Nissin is lagging in its commitments: it’s only made vague (greenwashing) promises for 2030 AND is refusing to be transparent about where all those tons of palm oil are coming from.

But Indonesia’s orangutans, tigers and rhinos can’t wait until 2030. Neither can the communities who’ve had their land stolen or are threatened by sketchy palm oil companies. Nissin is trying to gain ground in the U.S. market — that’s why their execs need to hear directly from you, Kevin: “No more rainforest destruction, no more Conflict Palm Oil, NOW.”

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Here’s to instant noodles without instant destruction — and the day where all grocery stores are Conflict Palm Oil-free.

Toyoyuki Kawakami
Japan Representative
Rainforest Action Network




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