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“I see absolutely no reason whatsoever to study a ‘range of alternatives.’ Our mission in 1992 was to develop a service to get the maximum number of people off of highways onto a train. It was not a small, a medium and a large plan or anything like that. It was, “We’ve got all these people on this highway. You figure out to how get ’em off.” That should be the mission right now. And it isn’t.” ~ Thomas White rail expert and co-author of the Amtrak Cascades Long Range Plan.
Solutionary Rail campaign lead Bill Moyer interviewed one of the co-authors of the Amtrak Cascades Long Range Plan, Tom White, discussing where we are today and next steps we need the Legislature and WSDOT to take.

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It is time to escalate our actions for rail in the public interest in Washington state and across the US.

The north-south Amtrak Cascades service was designed to meet high population/ridership scenarios when the Long Range Plan (AC-LRP) was written.

Though written in 2006, it still offers the most viable pathway for modeshift to passenger rail.  Today, however, our policymakers, led by Governor Jay Inslee, are focusing on their pet project, Ultra High Speed Rail (UHSR).  But what about the Amtrak Cascades?

We need infrastructure and service improvements to be designed to maximize ridership in the shortest amount of time, primarily because of the extreme urgency to cut emissions in half by 2030, and quickly thereafter.

Building up our existing rail network for “regional high-speed rail” will take less time and money than building all-new corridors for ultra fast trains. Washington decision-makers must focus on mode shift to rail by expanding and upgrading our existing rail network that has potential to be much better utilized.

The north-south Amtrak Cascades service can meet high growth scenarios that are cost effective, affordable, and sensible.

Learn More & Take Action at

1. Take a listen to the interview

2. Please fill out the Survey from Washington State Dept of Transportation.

Let WSDOT know that trains are important to all demographics, not just retirees with lots of time at their disposal. If there were more frequent and reliable trains, there would be more riders! (Deadline for the survey is this Friday, Feb 24.)

3. Contact Legislators about the 2023-2025 Transportation Budget. A lot of work is being done by Solutionary Rail and our allies at Climate Rail Alliance with Legislators to advocate for improved passenger rail.

If you haven’t yet communicated with members of the Transportation Committee – particularly if your legislator is on the House/Senate Transportation Committee – please click HERE for info on taking action THIS WEEK regarding the 2023-2025 Transportation Budget.

Let’s get rail back on track for the public interest!

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