This spring, we trained 1,160 people across 9 cities to protect the land, air, and water of their communities from dirty fossil fuels through the first ever Promise to Protect Training Tour – an Indigenous-led, non-violent direct action training. Training attendees are now equipped with the necessary tools to fight against the fossil fuel industry and resist proposed projects, like the KXL pipeline.

Yet Big Oil and the politicians they fund (like Trump) have been trying to push through many new laws criminalizing protest – including one where pipeline protesters could face up to 20 years in prison for disrupting the construction of oil and gas projects.

We know this is because they are threatened by our movement and they will do everything in their power to stop us. But we’re still ready and able to mobilize to stop the Keystone pipeline (and other destructive projects) when Indigenous leadership calls on us.

Will you join the fight against fossil fuel projects? Watch this inspiring video and sign the Promise to Protect today.

One of the most effective ways of dismantling the fossil fuel industry is by mobilizing when called upon by Indigenous leaders. If large numbers of us take non-violent strategic action together in resistance to business as usual – which is destroying our climate and our communities – we can create the change we want to see.

The Trump administration will continue to attack those of us who are fighting for a healthy world for us, our families, and our communities But we won’t stop our fight – in fact, we’re ready to double down.

The stakes are high in our current climate crisis and we’re ready to build the powerful movement we need to stem its impacts.

Click here to watch our video and sign onto the Promise to Protect to stay engaged with local fossil fuel resistance campaigns in your community.  

Let’s keep up the momentum,


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