In 2022, we pressured the Federal Reserve – the central bank of the United States – to account for the risk that the climate crisis poses to our economy. Our efforts have led to a critical opportunity to take action – but first things first, let’s get you caught up:

For the last decade, we’ve been calling on public and private investors and institutions to cut ties and divest from fossil fuels. The biggest fish in the financial sea is the Federal Reserve System (AKA the Fed) and their job is to protect our economy and financial system from risk – including climate risk.

Thanks to our tireless organizing, the Fed has unveiled draft principles that would protect our economy from the climate crisis. But, these principles are just guidelines – we need the Fed to make them a requirement for banks and financial institutions to follow.

Right now, the Fed is accepting public comments that will have a direct impact on their final principles. Will you submit a public comment now and urge the Fed to take the climate crisis more seriously?

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The climate crisis poses a grave threat to every aspect of our economy and our everyday lives, which is why our entire banking system needs to divest from the fossil fuel industry and reinvest resources into a clean, just, renewable economy.

The Fed’s current principles are a solid start, but for now, they are just recommendations, not requirements. Plus, they don’t include:

  • Major banks and corporations who have yet to take action.
  • A concrete timeline for banks to follow these guidelines.
  • Protections to ensure BIPOC communities are not forgotten.

Jeanne, the climate crisis demands urgent, meaningful action. The Fed’s principles offer a key opportunity to push financial institutions to divest from fossil fuels and move towards a clean, renewable economy.

We have a goal of sending at least 5,000 public comments before the deadline on February 6. We’ve drafted the comment for you. All you have to do is click:

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Thank you,

Team 350

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