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Over 60?

Bless STMP!

XR America


Jeanne —

Here’s an update concerning important changes to XR America affinity group programs:

Activism is Medicine Affinity Group:

There’s a new AIM Resources Folder for AIM videos and bibliographies. Go to the AIM website and click on the

Plant-based Potluck

Hi Plant-Powered Potluckers!

Just a quick reminder that we have changed the day of our potlucks to the first Thursday of each month, which is next Thursday, September 7th! I know it snuck up on me and may have

This is amazing work!

P.S. From research to design, this report is 100% volunteer powered. We have an incredible team of folks who developed innovative research strategies, wrote code to crunch databases, built climate models, developed our organizational analysis, and put it all together …