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From the White House on climate –


In case you missed it, earlier today, President Biden announced the release of the Fifth National Climate Assessment. You can watch the announcement here (starting at the 40 minute mark).

Please tune in at this link today at 3:00

WA CATS plus!

Howdy CATs. 😻🌏😻

We are excited to invite each of you to join in pre-session lobbying of our lawmakers this December.

Huge thanks to our friends at Climate Solutions, Audubon WA, WCA, and others for hosting these!

Climate Solutions is

LOTS of great news from 350Seattle!


Dear Reader,

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of slipping on a deceptively tractionless mound of maple leaves. As I hit the soggy dirt, soaking my pants and tush, I thought “squishy” – thus, the theme for this months newsletter.