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Join us Oct. 17th –


We will have a busy day this coming Wednesday, October 17th!

Chase Bank Action 11A-Noon at E. Wenatchee, 444 Valley Mall Parkway.  Chase (and Wells Fargo) can walk away from $1.48 billion in credit to Enbridge Line 3 on …




The first public poll on our campaign just came out.

It shows what we always have known:
1) I-1631 is leading among voters and it’s clear that Washingtonians want clean energy, clean air, and they don’t trust big oil.

response techniques!



The oil industry is spending more than $20 Million to lie about initiative 1631.

But now lots of people have seen their misleading TV ads, gotten their mailers and seen their relentless posts on social media. Lots of you

Stand up to big oil in WA!


Jeanne —

It’s time we get big, out-of-state, money-grabbing oil companies OUT of our elections — and AWAY from our state.

Big oil companies made billions in profits last year, and they’re spending $21 MILLION to stop 1631 from cutting

Montana Law Enforcement Gearing-Up For Mass Anti-Pipeline Protests

By Hunter Pauli,


Above Photo: Montana law enforcement agencies are preparing now for what they expect could be massive protests over construction of the Keystone XL pipeline,