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Climate Conversations NCW What’s Coming Next?

The Climate Strike was Successful! – Internationally 4 million strikers participated. Here in Wenatchee the strike was led by Wenatchee High School Students and supported by Approximately 150 participants attended the rally at Wenatchee City Hall where the mayor

Chase Action! Monday, Sept. 23rd

Posting again on Chase Bank Action – Wenatchee has said we’ll do 50 calls, Monday Sept. 23rd.

212 270-1111, Jamie Dimon, CEO

212 270-5097, Matthew Arnold, Global Head of Sustainable Finance

713 262-1951, Mark Roach, Executive Director of Chase’s office…

GREAT Chase action from Alec – please watch!


Hi all –

We recently heard that JPMorgan Chase’s senior executive in the PNW was speaking at an event giving people advice on their financial investments. We found this ironic given that her company’s investments are destroying our planet

50 calls/texts from Wenatchee on Monday, Sept. 23rd!

Possible Subject Lines:

JPMorgan Chase is gambling with our lives

Follow the money

To cut off the flow of oil and gas, we cut off the flow of cash

Tell JPMorgan Chase: Stop funding climate change



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