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Some great items in this edition!

Fossil Free Digest

A blockade in Gothenburg, Sweden, on 7 September, where a gas terminal was just denied its final permit on climate grounds. Photo: Gastivists


We’re seeing the surge of people power from September’s Global Climate Strike translate in to real

Climate Conversations Update – What’s new with CCNCW!

October 25th 11:30A-1P Protest @ Wenatchee Chase Bank – Join us on the corner of Orondo & Mission in Wenatchee and continue to send the message that Chase needs to get out of the Fossil Fuel Extraction Business!!!  We …

Before you purchase those trick-or-treat candies . . .


Can you picture a rhinoceros in the rainforest?

Add a herd of elephants … families of orangutans swinging through the treetops …  tigers prowling the understory …  and there is only one place in the world you could be:

These are great calls!

Alec also includes a couple of great articles in case you miss today’s call!


Hi all –

Reminder that our next Chase coalition call is TODAY!

What: Chase coalition monthly call
When: Monday, October 14th, 5 Pacific / 8

Climate Conversations – This is an active week!

MONDAY:October 14thClimate Conversations NCW Meeting @ the Fire Station social time: 5:00 Meeting starts at 6:00, 206 Easy Street in Wenatchee

WEDNESDAY: October 16th – Interfaith Climate Group at Susan Evan’s home @ 1:00 pm.  Contact …