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Jeanne —

Our Conversation last week with Winona LaDuke, Bill McKibben, and allies is ready to view.  Watch it HERE.

Localization of economies, democracy and resilience requires that we be/get “Grounded” –  reconnected to place, planet and each other. In the old “normal” it was difficult to imagine stopping air travel. Today, it is much easier to imagine. The climate, planet and creatures need the new normal to look dramatically different from the old normal. NOW is our moment of opportunity.

The Backbone Campaign Team and allies held a 1 hour conversation with Winona LaDuke and Bill McKibben on this CoViD-19 moment and its relevance for decarbonization, localization, and system transformation. Check it out! Then take action to #ReMakeTheWorld and let’s get #Grounded.

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CoViD-19 is a terrible disease – but let’s not squander this opportunity to slow down, decommodify, decolonize our time and our lives and be in and protect the places we love.

Forward Together!

-Team Backbone


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