On Earth Day, President Biden issued an executive order calling on the Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management to conserve mature and old-growth forests as a climate solution. This was an important step, but it’s up to us to ensure that this turns into real and lasting changes in how federal agencies manage — and protect — older forests.

The official public comment period is only till August 15. It’s critical that we demonstrate widespread, overwhelming public support from every corner of the country for urgent action to permanently protect mature & old growth forests and trees across all federal lands The Forest Service and BLM continue to log these forests and trees, badly damaging their ability to store climate pollution and to preserve biodiversity–and setting a terrible precedent internationally. There are limited chances for the public to weigh in, so we need to take advantage of every opportunity.

Your comment can help achieve lasting protections for the public forests that are most important in the fight against the climate and biodiversity crises. Your voice matters in this process! For true change to happen, public demand must be overwhelming.

Many thanks!

In solidarity,